American Truck Simulator - Review

Drive a Big Rig

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If you want to scratch your need to climb in the seat of a Semi-Truck and haul a load of goods interstate or through many states then American Truck Simulator is your best bet at satisfying that itch.  An Awesome Semi Truck Driving Simulation that is based in the United States

Flight Sim Labs A320-X

Flight Planning & MCDU

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One full month post the awesome release of  the new Flight Sim Labs Air Bus A320-X.  I finally jumped on the wagon and made my purchase a couple weeks ago and have been using and struggling with a few systems - namely the Flight Planning aspect of the aircraft.  That said lets take a quick look at how to load a flight plan into the A320-X FMCU.  Additional Images Coming.

Carenado DO228

Beautiful Rendentation

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I am always on the look out for a nice aircraft to add to my Flight Simulator Fleet, and when Carenado releases a new Aircraft - I take notice.  Just recently Carenado released their new DO228, so what do I think?

Active Sky 2016 vs REX

with Cloud Art

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Flight Simulator Enthusiast like to have realistic experiences during our Flight Simming, we shell out our hard earned money for those addons that look to be promising.   One area most of us try to improve over the default is the "weather and clouds" - the sky.  Here I cover the New Active Sky 2016 with cloud art and see how it stacks up against REX 3 Essential Plus Overdrive with it's built in weather and texture system.  Lets dive into the sim.

OOM Errors in Flight Simulator

Out of Memory FSX

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All of us flight simulator enthusiast love to fly around in our highly detailed and accurate representation of General or Commercial aircraft from our favorite addon airport.  We also share one thing in common, the Out of Memory issue that limits the full potential of Flight Simulators (FSX, FSX-SE, and Prepar3D).  This article will cover some of the things you can do to help reduce the nasty OOM while executing your perfect landing.

Flight Simulator

Articles on Flight Simulation

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Almost everyone who visit the TrueToad is here for Photographic reasons, and a few who were searching for flight simulator information may have stumbled on this page - good.  Recently in my off-time i happened across an article on Flight Simulator Steam Edition,  and that got me to thinking about my earlier days experimenting with Flight Simulator.  Over the course of time it had been removed from my PC to make room for other bytes of data.   


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