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The Hunter: Call of the Wild - Top Wishes

The Hunter: Call of the Wild - Top Wishes

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Things I wished were in COTW

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Below are the top things I wished were included in The Hunter Call of the wild. 

The game is a top-notch game, especially for the virtual hunter or outdoors person. So, my wish list is simply the things I think would improve the game experience.

Just because I am making a wish list is by no means stating the COTW is not fun to play - It is. I am just hoping that with a few more tweaks, added content, and UI changes this fine hunting game will be the de-facto standard that all others are measured.

Notes:  The ability to attach your own hunting notes in the game on each map. The need zones provide some level of information about animals but having the ability to make your own notecard and pin it down on the map would be a fantastic addition.

Fishing:  The Hunter Call of the Wild begs for some fishing. Every reserve map has water/lakes/rivers - to me it just makes sense. It would be fantastic to catch a few fish and use them as bait for bears.

A Boat: Not only for your fishing experience but also to traverse those bodies of water - there are several maps with huge spaces of water that you have to "go around" to get to the other side. It would be great to inflate a dingy to make the trip quicker.

New Updated Scopes: The included rifle scopes are something from the 70's dank and dark with not that good of optics and the field of view too narrow and while you're at it a better set of Binos. Fingerprints and spots on the Scopes - Really!

A flyable drone: Wouldn't it be great to fly your drone for some aerial footage and to scope out hunting spots.

A better Map: The reserve maps are too low resolution and do not show terrain detail - the maps should be overhauled.

New ATV - Electric: The current ATVs are just dreadful, loud, and noisy.  It's 2022 how about one or two electric ATVs with your dog kennel as an option on the back.

New Dog Breed for Birding: Nice work with the Blood Hound but it would be very nice to have available a couple of bird dogs to help flush out game birds and retrieve the quarry.

Animals to hunt in trees: Racoons climb trees, Turkeys sometimes roost in trees, Squirrel love trees - but yet not one can be found in the great vastness of The Hunter Call of the Wild.

In-Game "Store": Add an interactive in-game store. A store I can visit on the reserve and experience what a "Sporting Goods" store is all about, with specials and discounts, and don't forget fishing bait, make maps available that show hunting spots for the local wildlife, fishing hot spots, and all outposts on the reserve- just the general locations.

I don't know about everyone else but the tedious travel to each point of the reserve then climbing 200 stairs up a lookout tower has gotten VERY OLD - makes no sense. If the reserve has a manager - wouldn't the manager know where the "outposts" are located? 

Improvements I wished would be implemented: 

  • Overhaul the Store, Storage, and inventory Menu - If I am hunting hogs I should be able to click a hog icon, and all the "suitable" rifles and ammo are shown, the same for any other animals as well.
  • Get rid of the tedious climbing of towers and just hand out maps at the IN-GAME Sporting Goods Store as I mention above from the interactive In-Game Store for each reserve. The maps should have the general areas marked with an x where the outpost and other "discoverable" are located.
  • Get rid of Health Kits and implement a camping kit for cooking fish, meat, and making some coffee - when fully "charged" the hunter has better vision and hearing.
  • Fix tracking of animals that go behind SOLID objects. How can I possibly see through a rock? Frustrating to spot an animal and take the shot but he is behind a hill. How CAN I STILL SEE the animal behind a hill????
  • Fix hunting close to structures and large rocks - the animal is 50 meters in front of me and I miss - LOL. I crouch next to a large boulder, an animal is lured in within 75meters - I scope him center mass and pull the trigger for a perfect shot - The animal runs off and I completely missed.
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