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Solar Imaging

Daystar Calcium H-Line Quark Review

Calcium H Line

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Daystar has been busy working on new improved products to release to the public who have an interest in Solar imaging and visual observing. About a year following the release of Daystar's HA Quark is the Calcium H-Line Quark, which shares a few design attributes of their other quarks. Lets find out how it performs and is it worth the money..

Sensor Cleaning Kit Review

The best on the market

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For anyone who uses their cameras and or sensors in the field this is one of the best carry along accessories you can have in the field!  Stop trying to blow off that dust your just moving it around and making matters worse.  There is a simple and efficient way to "lift the dust off the sensor.. read on...

Stellarvue SVR102T Review

Stellar Results

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I have been around the Astronomy community for some time with many telescope adventures under my belt. One of the scopes that I was looking to acquire is a nice 4" refactor, not just any refactor but a premium performer, capable of doing what I wanted to do visually and imaging wise, my choice was.....

Stellarvue SV80 Access Review

Super ED APO

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Stellarvue SV80 Access Telescope.  This new Stellarvue SV80 Access mm telescope will be a nice addition to my solar setup as well as my night time Astronomy for low to medium power viewing.  If you read my earlier post you know I do Solar viewing in HA and white light. hydrogen Alpha has very specific requirements that provide spectacular solar views, while the White light is more forgiving but still offers hours of enjoyment.  Earlier this year I sold off my older Meade 80mm to upgrade to a finer, higher quality instrument. 

iOptron CEM25P Review

Small and Quite

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I am putting together a small portable imaging solution based on several key requirements;  The mount must be light, quite, have tracking with a guide port. Enter the iOptron CEM25p.  This year I am gearing up to use my Daystar Camera Quark, Stellarvue SV80 Access to do some Solar Imaging as well as touring the night sky. This project is going to be fun and rewarding.   Please read on to see how the mount holds up and hear my comments while I use it out in the field.

DayStar Camera Quark Review

Solar HA Solution?

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I have been into Solar viewing and imaging for a few years. I find it more enjoyable than the night time Astronomy because the sun is ever changing and day to day has new features appearing. In general, Solar viewing and imaging is a better fit for my lifestyle. In this article I will cover down on the DayStar Camera Quark, I have the Prominence version. So let us take a look under the hood.

Lunt Solar Wedge Review

White Light Solar

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Today I would like to introduce you to the Lunt White Light Solar Wedge.  I have been a solar observer off and on for a number of years, one of the first accessories I purchased for my refractor was a solar film attachment.  This allowed me to use my telescope to safely view the sun.  I was hooked!

Baader Calcium K-Line Filter vs Continuum

Review and Comparisions

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After 4 months of waiting on the back-order of the Calcium K-Line Filter to ship it finally made it into my hands this past August. This filter is currently only offered in the  1.25 size. For me this for some challenges when using it with my camera and telescope set up. In the coming months, I plan on doing some additional imaging with the Calcium K, hopefully with more sun activity.

Why Solar Imaging


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My nighttime astronomy was going nowhere, with night after night of lost sleep and being too groggy the next day to be productive. I knew I still loved astronomy but I was not willing to stay up until 1 or 2 am to enjoy it.  First is the light pollution in my area and the urban life of close neighbors - simply made Night Time Astronomy less than enjoyable. To address this, I invested in solar filters - like Daystars Calcium K, Badder Wedge, Daystar HA, Continuum, and finally bought a dedicated lunt dual stack hA telescope.  With this setup, my sleepless nights were a thing of the past and light pollution will not interfere with my imaging.

No June Images Yet


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I will tell the truth!  In this area of the world I have had only a couple opportunities to pull out my Solar imagining system to get busy with more solar images in early June.  To update you here is a timeline from my last postings.  I broke a cable on my Losmandy G11 mount. I made a order for two new ones and the fine folks at Anacortes Telescope got them to me in a few days.  However, the weather being what it was and is has mostly kept me doing other things – like writing articles, doing reviews, and some photography.  I missed two days due to my laziness, but I hope to get out for some June imagining.

Baader Solar Herschel Wedge


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I had to do a lot of searching and ordering various adapters but finally got what I think will work with my Celestron Skyris camers to obtain back focus using the Badder Solar Wedge with my Telescopes.  Many of you may remember, the Badder as wonderful as it is can not achieve back focus with my two telescopes (127mm and 80mm APOs).  But, help is now here using a badder adapter which allows me to remove the nosepiece to mount the camera direct to the wedge.  I can’t wait to try it out and post the images here on this Solar page.  I love sweating for you; so I am waiting for the hottest days of the year to do the next set of images Smile .

On Line Stores

Best & Worst

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Here are my favorites and worst places to do business with.

Favorite Online Stores:  Agena AstroProducts & OPT Telescopes

  • very responsive
  • Excellent return policy
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Reasonable shipping rates and they get the product on the truck fast
  • Shows the actual inventory status – So, your not guessing

The WORST Online Stores:  High Point Scientific (HPS)

  • The worst inventory management around – take your chances if you order, because it may be in stock or 6 months before you see it.
  • HPS replies to your questions but fail to fully answer all of them; requiring you to send another inquiry
  • Their shipping is SLOW

Baader Calcium K-Line

Finally Arrived

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Wow.. After months of waiting the Baader Calcium K-Line finally arrived in perfect timing with rain.  But, like a good Solar Worshiper I took some time this September to capture a few images with this fantastic filter.  Fantastic meaning – for IMAGING only, no visuals using this one.  Although the sun spot were minimal I had fun capturing the images using this filter.   I did a comparison between the Baader Continuum and Calcium K-Line here at this link.  Most of all, the Baader Calcium K-Line did a fantastic job capturing the solar sun spots. If you love solar imaging and love the sun this is a wonderful filter to use; but it is somewhat expensive and only available in 1.25 filter size. Sad smile

Astronomy The Problems

What We Face

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We enjoy our time with the Telescope, for some it is a private time, for others we like to share our time spent behind the instruments that bring us pleasure. Nothing is more rewarding.

Losmandy G11 Upgrade Project

Extending the G11

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I acquired my Losmandy G-11 Mount and Gemini Go To system over 7 years ago. During the years, I have been very satisfied with the overall performance of this fine mount.  When I made the purchase technology was just beginning to accommodate computer control and offer interfaces and now later with technology ever changing I wanted to consider a path forward that will facilitate continued use and enjoyment for the next several years; either another mount or upgrade my current G11. This Losmandy G11 with Gemini has been a reliable solution, now comes the time for decisions.

Lunt Versus Badder Solar Wedge

Physical Optical Comparison

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Whether you are buying your first solar wedge or white filter or adding accessories to your setup, everyone wants the same thing - great quality, functionality, versatile, ease of use and a great price.  Here today we look at two different solar wedges with a different approach for basically doing the same job - getting great solar images. 

H-Alpha May 18 Solar Images

Passing clouds

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These are my solar images taken on this day in May.  I was trying out the new Badder Herschel Wedge along side the Lunt Solar Wedge.  My plan is to do a side by side comparison.  These images represent both white light and H-Alpha images.  Hope you enjoy.

Best Solar H-Alpha Images

chromosphere & white light

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Today was a remarkable day setting up the solar telescope in the beautiful daylight to safely view our sun in all its glory.  You heard it again and again, don't look at the sun - but with the CORRECT equipment you can study our nearest star.


Astronomy Equipment

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