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Layton Lake District - Mission Tips COTW

Layton Lake District - Mission Tips COTW

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Completing Layton Lake Missions

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The Layton Lake District Missions like many missions in COTW are somewhat repetitive - such as hunting a Coyote at night, another mission hunting a Coyote during the day then another mission using a bow, then going back to the same location and harvesting two, these are all separate missions. The Circle mission involves harvesting the big 5 and by now you have already but you need to again in different areas.

Credit to COTW - The missions do introduce the hunter to different areas and times and locations - So, don't be too put off by the missions.

Note about shooting from the prone position - In many cases the shot will not strike the target animal, you will need to go into the crouch position before taking the shot.

I do not cover all the Layton Lake missions because some are just busy work with things you normally do in The Hunter Call of The Wild every day, but will include a few for beginners. Such as hunting an animal from a hunting stand. The missions are not in any order, sorry it was the way I played them.

Tip: Two for One Mission! Keep an eye on all your missions sometimes you can take advantage and complete separate missions because of opportunity, like take a picture of a Moose and Harvest a Moose in a separate mission, Take the Picture then shoot the Moose and you will get credit for both missions.

-- Tracking and time management are key to success - see my how-to track using the link below.

Mission Hope #8: Travel to High Lake Rock Formations and Harvest 2 Black Tail Deer Downed from a Ground Blind.

  •  Find the highlighted area on the map, set your time to 13:30 feeding times for Blacktail. While walking to the area from a nearby outpost you will find BlackTail feeding areas along the way. Find the Hunting Stand a good place to start with a blind.
  •  Set up your blind: Get your Deer Grunt Caller Out and start calling DOWN the hill. Whitetail will come from behind you FIRST and walk within 20m, ignore them until you have your two BlackTail for the mission. If you shoot Whitetail now you will spook the Blacktail.
  • Once you knock out your two Blacktail - go for the Whitetail if you so desire

Bonus: there are also some moose nearby, down the hill resting to the left. (if you set your time as I stated)

Mission Doc # 7 Travel to Roonachee Church Harvest a black bear downed within 50 meters with a slug.

Two Slugs - Game Over

Two Slugs - Game Over

Bonus upfront: Rest Zones are those pushed down areas. they are not permanent. Rest Zones may last for a few days and are sometimes shared or taken over by other animal species.

  •  Set your time to 08:00 (Black bears rest from 08:00 - about 18:00) DO NOT drive an ATV into the hunting area, dismount at the boundary, and walk to the Church. Use the church as your base camp.
  •  Obvious arm yourself with a shotgun with slugs. Remember you are to KILL a Blackbear with a slug so just shoot it center mass or the head.- Scout around and look for bear tracks but be mindful of the hunting boundaries this is a small hunting area.
  • Tracking Bears during resting times will make it much easier to get within 50m if you stay downwind.
  • At 09:00 travel behind the church until a Blackbear warns you then find the bear tracks and begin tracking.
  •  Track the bear, DO NOT RUN, sniff the bear scat when you find it. Fresh means you are a few minutes behind the bear.
  •  Once the bear starts to walk (indicated by the bear tracks) keep walking behind the bear, you most likely will be at the wind's disadvantage - don't worry about it the bear will eventually turn in your favor. 
  •  The goal is to find where the Bear is heading to REST, smell the SCAT and look for "just now" you are close. Use your Binos and scan the area, when you see the tracks lead into a resting area look for where the bear is resting - scan around. When you find him set your weapon correctly as required and crouch and move within 50 meters.  If he rises up on his hinds quarters shoot him in the upper body, if not pop him/her in the head.

Mission Hope #9: Harvest a Blacktail deer downed within 30m at night with a .44 Mag Revolver

  • Tracking is key

    Tracking is key

    Set your hunting load with a .44 Mag Revolver and Night Vision, then prey for a clear night.
  • Find your favorite Blacktail area I used the Roonachee region.
  • Set your time to 21:00 or 00:00 for the nighttime resting times for Blacktail - so you can sneak up.
  • Lamp Up (turn on your light) and look for Blacktail Deer Tracks... Follow the Blacktail tracks. Turn off your lamp when close, the scat will tell you.
  • Use your night vision binos often as you track once you start smelling very fresh Blacktail Deer SCAT. Lick your fingers and enjoy, you are minutes away from success.
  • It is about the hunt

    It is about the hunt

    - Look for the rest indicator vegetation "pushed down" - if the wind is not favorable do a box maneuver by moving away 100 meters and in a direction that makes it favorable to inspect for Blacktail with your Night Vision with the wind in your face, awe the aroma.
  • - Once you outline the poor Blacktail pull out that 44 and unload, after all, you twisted an ankle doing this mission. Remember it is not about the harvest - it is about the mission.

Bonus: DO NOT get suckered using the binos. The Binos can spot animals behind hills and rocks so, before taking the shot ensure you have a CLEAR line of sight.
 That was easy, right?

The Famous Mr. Black

The Famous Mr. Black

Mission Trampfine - A picture of Mr. Black: Trampfine has reached out with another specific bear-related task. This time he needs a picture taken. Mr. Black, a big male black bear, has been sighted in Balmont lately. Trampfine has asked you to take a picture of Mr. Black.

Bonus Note Up Front: This is not just any old black bear.  It has to be "Mr. Black". So, use those binoculars to ID the bear as Mr. Black, Legendary 9 black bear. - Good Luck!

The Real Mr. Black

The Real Mr. Black

  • Set your Time to 09:00 and travel to Balmont Lake on the SOUTH side. Mr. Black is normally found on the North end of the lake...
  • Use your Binos and scout around for any Black Bear and ID him (E) if it is Mr. Black you are in good luck. 
  • It may take a couple of visits to the lake Morning and Afternoon to spot Mr. Black. - He is Legendary so very difficult.
  • The Next Big Problem is getting close enough with your FANCY CAMERA.
  • Once you spot Mr. Black - use the most logical route that has the wind in your favor, and be quiet, if you have a scent eliminator now is the time to use it.
  • Once you are in the camera range of about 100 meters or less zoom in and snap the photo, if you are successful you will IMMEDIATELY get feedback, if not move closer

Second Bonus: If you miss the photo and Mr. Black runs, Mr. Black will be at the same spot the next day. Do Not Shoot Mr. Black, There are two more missions with Mr. Black another picture mission, and a second mission where you can harvest the old legendary 9 bear.

Mission Connors - Capturing the Landscape: Emily has taken it upon herself to make the lookout towers feel more welcoming to people visiting the area. Take a photo of the High Lake Rock Formations, Take a Photo of the Willipen Caves, and Take a photo of the Cheelah Hiking Village.

Bonus Note: This is a give me a free mission. These are all landmarks, so all you need to do is find the landmarks and bring a camera. Also, when in Cheelah another mission calls for harvesting a Coyote so, be prepared to have your AR 223 ready, the Coyote is in a separate mission for this area.

  • Willipeg Caves: Found at 6249.672 , 6505.610. Enjoy the cave spelunking, don't fall to your death.
  • Cheelah Hiking Village: This one is a Hike to the location... Enjoy the scenery and trail, oh - don't forget the camera! Set your time to 12:00 and shoot a few deer along the trail! Also, have your 223 on the ready for a Coyote.
  • High Lake Rock Formations: Go to 9618.666 , 8040.155

These are all easy give-away missions... Just go to the landmarks and take some photos..but carry a nice rifle for those opportunities.

Mission Doc #6: Harvest 2 Black Bears downed with a .270 with 100 Quick Kill Bonus 

Easy Way Out

Easy Way Out

This one had me for a while, I just completed all the Yukon ARC missions thinking I needed heart shots for this mission to have a 100 on quick kill - NOT! Remember you are in it to win it but of course, if a GOLD level bear presents itself and you need one Gold Black Bear for your trophy room then by all means do the lung shot, otherwise, just shoot the brain to complete the mission it is that simple.

I am not a good shot with a 270, especially closer than 75m.  If you are trying a heart shot re-consider and shoot the skull it is much larger and easier to hit from afar! The bear will drop dead on the spot and you will get credit for the mission.

  • The first issue is finding a black bear to shoot! It is called tracking. Set your time to 08:00 and look for bear tracks.
  • Finding tracks between 08:00 and 18:00 the bear will be headed to a rest zone which makes your mission much easier.
  • Track, Track, Track, DO NOT RUN after the bear it will eventually find a resting zone and sit down.
  • Use your Binoculars and SMELL and feel between your fingers the bear scat often, when you find very fresh scat STOP and glass the area looking for a sitting bear, it can be difficult but slowly scan to identify the bear, ESPECIALLY if you do not see additional bear tracks up ahead.
  • The bear will be near the rest zones. Rest zones are flattened areas of vegetation.
  • After spotting the bear resting ensure you are in a GOOD wind direction before getting close. Set a waypoint on the bear before moving, then move to a better wind in your face direction.
  • Once you are in a good shooting position carefully aim for the skull. Take the shot - WASH RINSE REPEAT the next bear until you are finished with the mission.

Bonus: Tracking is key, set your time to 08:00 and follow the Blackbear tracks until it rest. A level 2 or 2 bear is best. Use your binoculars to spot the bear in the resting zone.

Mission Connors #1 Emily Connors got my notebook back. Thanks! I was writing when I saw this group of beauties close to the tower see if you study their behavior!

ID a track from a Roosevelt Elk, ID a call from a Roosevelt Elk, Spot a Roosevelt Elk

This one is soo easy, set your time to 06:00, get your Elk caller out and venture to the South Lake area down by the water - have fun. After completing this mission have some fun shooting a few more.

Pos: 6501.860, 7115.925
Mission Trampfine - Trampfine is lost:  Jonathan Trampfine has gone missing. Doc fears the worst given Trampfine's infatuation with black bears. A hiker said he spotted him leading towards Mount Kraken a few days ago. No one has heard from Trampfine since. Doc has asked for you to investigate.

This mission can be completed at any time, best to set your wake-up time to 10:00 and enjoy some sunshine. Go down to the lake area at Position  6501.860, 7115.925 this will be the starting point to track Mr. Tramfine down. Follow the tracks down until the mission is completed. Easy peasy lemon squeezy

Bonus: Keep your 223 at the ready for a Coyote hunting opportunity. Also, if you are into Duck Hunting there will be a few at the lake at the time specified.

Pos: 10291.875, 5602.522
Mission Connors - Emily Heart ElkEmily's not done decorating the lookout tower... Travel to Calburn and Harvest a Roosevelt Elk downed from a Hunting Stand.

  • There are three hunting stands in this mission area. One down by the water and two up on the hills.
  • Set your time to 04:00 at pos: 10310.386, 5594.904 the hunting stand closest to the water. You Need a Bull Elk!
    Mission Complete

    Mission Complete

  • Wait for it, wait for it, the Roosevelt Elk should start to show up shortly after 04:00
  • The Elk will be arriving from behind the hunting stand, get your Elk caller out and coax them in.

Bonus: The hunting stand near the hiking trail on the hill is a good place to use the New AR 22lr for some Jack Rabbits.

Mission Beatty #9: Harvest 2 female moose downed with a scoped .44 mag revolver.

The Moose Killer

The Moose Killer

Most of the Beatty missions are just busywork, nudging you into trying out different hunting tactics and gear. In this mission, we will be hunting moose with a .44 handgun - so let's get started.

  • You will need a Moose Caller and of Course the 44. the scope is optional and handy but not required.
  • Arm yourself with the 44 with some flat nose bullets - buy two packs of 10 because all you need is two unless you will be hunting in the Yukon with Wolves. If you will be hunting in the Yukon I do suggest your carry a large caliber sidearm when hunting Wolves, see my link below.
  • Up close and personal is what you need with the 44 and a Moose - so we can get close when the Moose are resting or feeding.
  • The .44 has an effective range of about 75m so you will need to call the Moose in or sneak up - Females are easy with the caller, they normally arrive first.
  • Set your time to 08:50 and Go to Pos:7220.843, 6344,033 crouch down or go prone and wait.
  • Rember you need to be within 75 meters to be most effective - UNLOAD the gun on the Moose, it is not about a Harvest it is about completing the mission.

Mission Beatty #10: Travel to Willipeg Caves and Harvest a downed moose within 30.00meters with a bow. This is a BS mission.

Bonus Tip:  I love the bow, I carry it on EVERY map, my favorite is the Koter CB-65 Hephaestus compound bow, with a Brightsight Rangefinder Bow Sight - It can kill EVERYTHING in The Hunter Call of The Wild with the right arrows, I use the 300gram for rabbit and foxes, 420gram for foxes all the way to bears, and the 600gram for bear Moose and Bison. You name it this bow can kill it and you get Harvest Checks when using the correct arrows. For this mission YOU choose the Bow you are comfortable with, I will be using the CB-65.

  • Head to the Cave area DUH! at the location shown on the image, the cave has an entry and exit opening.  
  • set the time for 01:30 and use your moose caller.
  • Remember to use a 600gram arrow - center chest or right behind the front legs. Mission Over.

Supplement: The missions are to get you out hunting with different weapons and animals - take the time to enjoy the journey and discover hunting zones. The great thing about the bow is low noise when harvesting an animal, quick change of arrow weight for the animals without spooking. If you want to add BlackTail, Rabbit, and Ducks to your hunting zones head down to the lake.

Bows are best used in the daytime but can be used at night when the animal is outlined but you have a short period of time to get the shot placed. The CB-65 with Rangefinder is a must, I tap the "e" when on target it will give me the range with a GREEN dot, the GREEN dot is where the arrow will land. - Try to get within 50meters and you should be fine on larger animals.

Bonus: If you enjoy Duck or Rabbi hunting head down to the lake at 09:00 and have some fun.

Mission Beatty - The Circle Route: Harvest a Moose in Highton Peaks, Harvest a Roosevelt Elk in Northern Ridge, Harvest a Coyote in Southern Ridge, Harvest a Bear in Layton Lows, Harvest a Blacktail in the Lake Districts.

Bonus Tip: This is basic hunting 101, There is no Harvest Check requirement, No Time Requirement 

  • BLACK BEAR: Travel to the Lookout Tower @ 6579.068, 10052.418.
  • Set your time to 08:00 Black Bear resting time and move down the mountain toward @ 6483.868, 9905.154 while moving keep your binoculars on the ready and use them often the bear will be sitting among the boulders and trees. Also, there is Roosevelt Elk rest zone there as well so keep that in mind you will need to locate the Bear Rest zone.
  • Once you locate the bear take aim and collect your bounty.
  • MOOSE: Travel to Highton Peaks - there are plenty of moose in this area you should have no trouble calling one in.
  • Set your time to 20:00 and travel to the upper end of the hunting zone moose will start to call - this one is easy.
  • ROOSEVELT ELK: Travel south close to South Lake near the boundary of the hunting zone @ 10536.651, 7323.357
  • Set your time to 06:00 and get your Elk Caller out, take aim, and shoot.
  • BLACKTAIL: Travel to Lake District to the Balmont Outpost you will be surrounded by Blacktail
  • Set your time to 08:30 and travel to the bottom of Balmont Lake, get out your Deer Grunt Caller and have fun.
  • COYOTE: Travel to Souther Ridge then set time to 11:00, travel to Pos: 11184.000, 10400.000 there you will find Coyotes near Balmont Lake near the edge of the boundary, look for tracks and follow them. Yes, I hate hunting Coyotes just as much as you do! You will need to find tracks and do some tracking.

Bonus + Tip: Regardless of your score you will beat the others...

Mission Beatty - To the Rescue: Travel to the starting point of the tracks in Chopeeka and follow the tracks to investigate.

  • Go to Pos: 7762.037, 4829.716 there you will find the tracks - just follow them until you complete the mission
  • This is a good time to train your BloodHound.

Bonus: Moose and Roosevelt Elk are in the area so load up, wipe the smudges off that scope, and have some fun! Then head North to find your Moose.

Mission Vualez #4 Travel to Cheelah Lake: Harvest a Coyote and pass the harvest check.

This should be a fun mission.  Coyotes, as well as foxes, present a few challenges - they hear and smell very well and are short-statured so they blend into the vegetation making them hard to see. Make sure you use a scent eliminator if tracking one close (fresh scat) or try to move downwind from them and approach them with the wind to your face as much as possible. - Let's get to it!

Travel North West from Cheelah Outpost

  • You need a proper weapon and "distressed rabbit caller", I am using the new AR .223 as my choice.
  • Set your time to 07:30, or 10:00 this is resting time for Coyotes, Coyotes rest from 07:00 - 17:00  - making it much easier to approach zones, spot, and harvest.
  • I will be starting my hunt at the Cheelah Outpost at 07:00 and traveling North West to the edge of the boundary, 200meters looking for tracks that lead to a resting area.
  • I found a Coyote Resting area at POS: 10628.890, 8103.963 your mileage may vary.
  • Gold Coyote @ Cheelah
    Make sure your rack and load your weapon before you get to the resting site.
  • If the wind direction is behind you, move to the hunting stand and then travel down the trail.

Bonus Tip: Once you locate the resting zone set up a tripod about 50m up from the zone if the zone is near the edge of the woods. You may need to pitch a tent and set the time about 25 minutes before the rest zone. Rabbit Distress Caller if needed. My Coyote came in sit down, then laid down and I popped him.

Mission VAULEZ #5: Travel to Cheelah Hiking Village Use the Predator Jackrabbit caller and harvest 2 Coyotes.

Bonus Tip: You will need to find either a resting zone or a feeding zone, so this will require some walking.

  • Set your time for 20:00 and head to Pos: 12109.921, 9481.731 you should find some Coyote tracks along the way
  • Follow the Coyote tracks until you discover a feed or rest zone
  • Set up a blind or tripod in a location appropriate and in good wind direction
  • Pitch a tent then rest until the zone is active, get into position, and use the Predator caller until the little fellow shows up

Mission VAULEZ - A SILENT HUNT: Travel to Balmont and Harvest two Coyotes with a Bow

Compound Bow CB-65

Compound Bow CB-65

Bonus Tip: My bow of choice is the Koter CB-65 with red and green accents and matched with a Brightsight Rangefinder Sight you can kill and harvest check every animal in COTW. So, lets get started with 420gram tracer arrows. Tracers are good for nighttime hunting, easier to locate the downed animal.

  • Travel to Balmont and go to Hope's Camp there you will find nearby a Coyote resting zone with two Coyotes
  • Set your time to 10:00 either use the nearby hunting blind or pitch up a ground blind as I did.
  • Using the "distressed caller" start calling down toward the planked path 
  • Keep your focus on activity around you as the coyotes blend in and make sure you are ready when they show up.
  • There are a male and female in the area, once you pop the first one the second will give warning calls - STAY Calm
  • Wait a minute then continue using the caller to lure the second one in.

Mission VUALEZ - THE WERECOYOTE: Travel to Cheelah and Harvest the large Coyote

Bonus Tip: I am using the AR .223 for this one, This large Coyote will be a GOLD so if you want to claim a Gold select the proper ammo .223 will do, try for a heart-lung shot. Move to the position as shown in the image. Use the caller, then spot the Coyote using your Rifle with the range set to 75m (if using the range perk) and take the shot as soon as you spot him DO NOT hesitate, otherwise he will flee. 

  • Travel to Cheelah as indicated on the map - it is a small hunting area with a feed zone for the Coyote in question.
  • Do Not use the Hunting Stand it is outside the hunting boundaries - set up a ground blind right inside the hunting area.
  • Set your time to 14:00 and use the predator caller - the Coyote will appear shortly after you arrive - so be prepared to pop him as soon as you spot him - DO NOT hesitate.
  • If the Coyote bolts and you were too slow on the trigger - coaxing with the predator caller will be required, you may need to rest until the next day.

Mission #7: Travel to Balmont Lake - Harvest 2 Coyotes downed with a hit to the heart

Bonus Tip: Don't get frustrated as hitting a Coyote in the heart is a challenge. There are no harvest requirements other than a heart shot so unless you want a trophy animal choose a larger caliber rifle. I used the 300 Canning with SOFT POINT rounds. Soft point rounds expand and give you a better chance to meet the objective. If you are not sure where the heart is on a Coyote I suggest you go to a location other than Balmont lake and take down a Coyote and study the hit information to see where the heart is.

  • Set your time to 07:30 and travel to the Balmont lake area.
  • Coyotes are found in the South East End near the edge of the hunting zone and travel across this region. Wind direction can be a challenge.
  • If possible find some Coyote tracks and follow them they will lead to a resting zone.
  • Setup a Ground Blind (recommended) or a Tripod in the locations shown in the image - depending on weather conditions the wind may be a problem - use scent eliminator if necessary
  • Using the Jackrabbit caller start calling, if you are lucky a Coyote will give a Mating call - start the caller in that direction.
  • Once you start calling every few calls scan the area looking for the approaching Coyote, you may see tracks start to appear.
  • Once in the range - Take aim, hold your breath, and - GOOD LUCK!

Mission Connors #6: Travel to Norden Mines Harvest a Maile Roosevelt elk and earn a Silver or higher

Bonus Tip: This one should be easy right? Nightime tracking will lead to your resting Elks. USE the Correct Ammo! and aim for the lungs. you need a harvest check to get the silver or higher.

  • Set your time to 21:00 this is the time Elk rest at night, you can also do this at 12:00 ~ 16:00 daytime, I did mine at night.
  • Start in or near position 0548.360, 6509.686, turn on your headlamp, and look around for Elk tracks
  • Once you find the elk tracks follow them until you come to their resting zone - you need to check your night vision binoculars often looking for resting elk - be careful to not spook them.
  • If you do spook them, they will normally return in a few minutes but will be nervous - wait it out.

Mission Connors #7: Travel to Calburn Canyon Harvest 2 Roosevelt Elk from a hunting stand

Second Elk was Gold @ 200m

Second Elk was Gold @ 200m

Bonus Tip: There is no requirement to meet the harvest check just kill the damn thing. There are three hunting stands in this area, depending on the time and wind direction will determine which best works for you. Get the elk caller out and start blasting away the horny elks will answer.

  • I started my first hunt at 23:00 using the Northern Most Hunting stand, no worries with elk coming from behind and the wind direction were good. Killed the first elk after about 10 minutes with my bow.
  • I then set my time to 16:00 Feeding time for Elk and move to the lower hunting tower and within 5 minutes after getting into the stand, Gold Elk from 200m - Mission complete!
  • Get the elk caller out and those horny elk will come running.

Mission Connors #8 Travel to South Lake Harvest 3 Roosevelt elk from a ground blind

Bonus Tip: Not really a tip, but your gonna need a hunting ground blind! Ground Blinds offer 80% scent and visual control once the animal is within range - shoot for the lungs, but if you are in a hurry just empty the magazine. If you are doing the Doc #26 mission you can also harvest a Whitetail from within 30m keep that in mind as you are waiting on the Elk to show up. Hunting Blinds also reduce hunting pressure

  • I will be setting up my blind on the north end - there is an Elk drinking area near that location, see image for exact location - the elk will walk directly in front going to drink. I had a group of three female elk walk near but was not prepared, I did manage to get one of the three.
  • I will be using my compound bow unless the Elk refuse to get within 70m, then outcomes my 308.
  • I am setting my time for 04:45 with my elk caller in hand and my AR 308 zeroed at 75m
  • A herd of Elk just passed shot 3, exited the hide, and got three more for the Connors #9 mission (two missions for one)

Mission Connors #10: Travel to Highton Peaks Harvest a Roosevelt Elk with a Bow at Night.

One Fine Gold Elk

One Fine Gold Elk

Bonus Tips: I use the Koter CB-65 Compound Bow with the Brightsight Rangefinder Sight - Great Combo. Use the 420 Gram Arrows in order to get the Harvest check, otherwise, you can use the 600gram for a sure-fire kill if it hits. You will not get a harvest check using the 600g "wrong ammo type".


  • Set your time to 20:00 and travel to Chopeeka Hights area, plenty of Roosevelt Elk there, this will give you plenty of nighttime hunting opportunities.
  • The image shows the exact location of a herd of Elk feed zone and resting zone nearby
  • Use the Elk caller - calling toward downhill and just wait for the elk - this one is Nighttime hunting 101
  • Use your headlamp and look for Elk tracks and follow them - harvest and enjoy!

Mission DOC #26: Travel to Southlake harvest a Whitetail within 30m.

Hunting Whitetail Deer in the Southlake hunting area reminds me of a prank - tells your friend to bring you a left-handed hammer. After hours of searching for Whitetail Deer zones in this hunting area - there are none. You will need to hunt very very close to the edge of the hunting boundary and call the Whitetail in from outside. See the Image.

  • Travel to the upper left area of Southlake as shown in the image and Set your time to 09:00 - Whitetail will be traveling just outside of the hunting boundary.
  • Place a marker at the edge of the boundary and back off 45m this will give you the space to take the Whitetail within 30m, you should be close to the wooden path
  • Using the grunt caller start calling if looking for a male use the bleat caller - either way, keep calling and pause to scan for the Whitetail moving in
  • The Whitetail Deer will not respond with a mating call so be on your toes, best to use headphones for this one to hear their footsteps
  • Once you have attracted a Whitetail use the binoculars to get the range and of course, call it closer
  • Once the Deer is within range - take the shot do not hesitate - if you hesitate too long the deer will spook and run.

Mission DOC #27: Harvest a Whitetail Deer with a 100 or better Quick Kill Score

After chasing the elusive Whitetail Deer around South Lake in mission #26 this one should be a breeze...So let's get started! 

Pos: 10966.179, 10965.176

Pos: 10966.179, 10965.176

Bonus Tip: When you finish the DOC # 27 mission, the DOC # 28 Mission calls for harvesting a Male and Female Whitetail with a Bow earning a Quick Kill Bonus of 100 - We will accomplish the DOC #28 mission in the exact same spot as the DOC # 27. So it is important that you only harvest ONE Whitetail for Doc # 27 to allow harvesting the Female and Male Whitetail for DOC #28. Either the same night or rest until the next night.

  • There is a small herd of WhiteTail that transitions to a feeding zone at around 04:00 we will set up a tripod and rest until 03:30 then get into position.
  • You will be hunting near a hillside at Mount Leviathan area as shown in the image - Pos: 10966.179, 10965.176. There are Blacktail that moves through as well so make sure you ID the deer as a Whitetail before you start pulling the trigger.
  • Travel to the Mount Leviathan location as shown in the image and rest until 03:30 - ensure you have night vision and scopes 
  • Using the Bucksnort or Deer Bleat or Grunt caller start calling - do a few calls then scan with your binoculars - it is important you scan often as the Deer may be traveling past.
  • Once you attract a Whitetail lure the deer in close to ensure a good heart or double lung shot. I used a 12guage Slug since the deer was a female - dropped her on the spot.

Mission DOC #28: Harvest a Male and Female Whitetail with a Bow and earn a quick kill of 100

See the DOC #27 Mission - follow the exact same plan. If you followed the DOC #27 instructions I provided just stay in place and keep calling. I used my favorite bow the CB-65 see the link below for my favorite weapons for the COTW.

  • Once I called in the Whitetail I outlined the deer then using a 420gram tracer arrow took the deer down on the spot both a Female and Male taken within 30 minutes.

Mission DOC #29: Travel to Layton Lake Shores and find footprints from 4 different Whitetail Deer

  • This one is easy - Set your time to 06:00 and travel to the location shown in the image all 4 Whitetail Deer tracks can be found in the GREEN area shown.
  • This is also an awesome Moose hunting area throughout this region.

Mission Connors - End of Season: Travel to Layton Canyon, Visit the Lookout tower at night - Harvest the Roosevelt bull elk.

Bonus Tip: This mission is simple however when I used the AR 308 I could not hit the Elk it was like I was firing into a solid wall.  After two attempts with that bugged weapon, I came back with my go-to rifle the Martensson 6.5mm Thunder - game over - Diamond.

  • Set your time to 19:00 and travel to the Watchtower, Start climbing the WatchTower once at the top, wait until about 19:05 and get your Elk caller out.
  • The weather may make it impossible to use the night vision binos, so be prepared to use your normal daytime binos.
  • You will need to crouch down and call for the Elk, the bull will show up - use your Binos to ID him.
  • Once you outline him, stand up, aim and harvest!
  • To ensure the highest score, use proper ammo and go for a heart shot.

Bonus: Once shot, the Bull Elk should die - a good time to bring your dog out for some tracking/training.

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