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Train Sim World 3 (TSW3) Keyboard Shortcuts

Train Sim World 3 (TSW3) Keyboard Shortcuts

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Keyboard Keys for TSW3

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Because I had difficulty finding a list of keyboard shortcuts for TSW3 to keep on my second monitor as a reference, I produced this listing by hand.  Here are the Train Sim World 3 Locomotives PC Keyboard Shortcuts. I hope you find them helpful.

I also provided downloadable copies of the Train Sim World 3 PC Keyboard Shortcuts in RTF, and CSV format, + a listing and the screenshots below. 

Tip: You can search the list below for a Keyboard Shortcut by doing a Ctrl F and entering a word such as Ditch.

Also, If you do not have Thrustmaster Compatible Controllers, you may want to try Joy to Key to map Joystick inputs to keyboard inputs - link below.

Key Action
Q AWS Reset
Q Alerter / DSD Reset
; Automatic Brake Decrease
' Automatic Brake Increase
B Bell 1
ctrl B Bell 2
Shift N Blower Decrease
N Blower Increase
L Cab Lights
ctrl P Circuit Breaker Close / Toggle
ctrl Shift P Circuit Breaker Open
ctrl C Couple Button / Coupler Lock Front
ctrl Shift C Coupler Lock Back
F Cruise Control Decrease
R Cruise Control Increase
ctrl Shift R Cruise Control Switch  Decrease
ctrl r Cruise Control Switch Toggle / Increase
C Cylinder Drains Toggle
Shift M Damper Decrease
M Damper Increase
ctrl J Ditch Lights Decrease
J Ditch lights Increase / Toggle
, Dynamic Brake Decrease
. Dynamic Brake Increase
X Emergency Brake Valve
shift Z Engine Shutdown
Z Engine Startup / Toggle
ctrl O Exhaust Injector Steam Valve Decrease
ctrl I Exhaust Injector Steam Valve Increase
ctrl L Exhaust Injector Trim Valve Decrease
ctrl K Exhaust Injector Trim Valve Increase
shift I Guage Lights Decrease
I Guage Lights Increase
ctrl D Gear Decrease
ctrl A Gear Increase
Shift \ Handbrake Decrease
\ Handbrake Increase / Toggle
ctrl Shift H Headlights Back Decrease
ctrl H Headlights Back Increase
Shift H Headlights Front Decrease
H Headlights Front Increase
space Horn 1
N Horn  1 Decrease
ctrl space Horn 2
ctrl N Horn 2 Decrease
left bracket Independent Brake Decrease / Bail Off
right bracket Independent Brake Increase
W Jeep Forwards
space Jeep Handbrake
S Jeep Reverse
A Jeep Turn Left
D Jeep Turn Right
Shift J Large Ejector Decrease
J Large Ejector Increase
ctrl X Lead Sand
O Live Injector Steam Valve Decrease
I Live Injector Steam Valve Increase
L Live Injector Trim Valve Decrease
K Live Injector Trim Valve Increase
ctrl Shift W Master Switch Decrease
ctrl W Master Switch Toggle / Increase
/ Move To Lap Position
F8 Next Destination
ctrl 3 Next Signal Toggle
ctrl 2 Next Speed Limit Toggle
ctrl 1 Objective Marker Toggle
F Open / Close Firebox Door
Y Open / Close Left Side Door
U Open / Close Right Side Door
left& right arrow Open / Close Train Interaction Shortcuts
page Down PZB Acknowledge
Delete PZB Override
END PZB Release
Shift P Pantograph Lower
P Pantograph Raise / Toggle
F7 Previsous Destination
ctrl Shift M Rear Damper Decrease
ctrl M Rear Damper Increase
ctrl 8 Reticule Opacity Cycle
S Reverser Decrease
W Reverser Increase
Shift X Sand Decrease
X Sand Increase / Toggle
ctrl 6 Score Toggle
ctrl Return Signaling Systems Enabled
ctrl Shift J Small Ejector Decrease
Ctrl J Small Ejector Increase
ctrl 4 Speed Limit & Signal Cycle
ctrl 5 Speedometer / Compas Toggle
ctrl K Step Lights Decrease
K Step Lights Increase / Toggle
ctrl 7 Stop Indicator Toggle
ctrl D Tap Changer Decrease
ctrl A Tap Changer Increase
D Throttle Decrease
A Throttle Increase
ctrl Shift C Uncouple Button
Shift Y Walkway Crossover Back
Y Walkway Crossover Front
Shift return Warning Devices Enabled
Shift V Wipers Decrease
V Wipers Increase
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