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Mississippi Acres COTW Hunting Areas
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Mississippi Acres COTW Hunting Areas

Animals and where to find them

Let's take a look at The Hunter: Call of the Wid - Mississippi Acres Map and where are the best hunting areas.

The primary weapons I use for Mississippi Acres

  • The Martensson 6.5mm Lightning with 6.5mm Polymer-Tip Bullets: For me, this is the perfect weapon for Whitetail, Hogs, Black bears, and of course American Alligators.
  • The Ranger .243 with.243 Polymer-Tip Bullets - Powerful enough for Whitetail and Grey Foxes
  • The Kullman .22H Hornet with of course .22H Polymer-Tip Bullets - Great for Common Racoons, Quail, and Turkey
  • The Couso Model 1897 16 gauge, with 16 gauge birdshot - Perfect for Turkey and Quail

First WhiteTail Diamond:

I also enjoy using the Hawk DB-70 Compound Bow with 300 gram and 420-gram tracers - The 300-gram arrows are perfect for small game Rabbits, Racoons, and a fox. While the 420-gram arrows can handle foxes up to the Largest Game the American Alligator.

As far as scopes and binos are concerned I use the Ascent for the rifles and Meridian for the Shotgun and a Brightsight for the Bow. Of course, I use the Genzero Night Vision scope that is available in COTW.

Note: When these weapons and ammo are used on the animals mentioned you can meet the Harvest Check with the shot is placed correctly and less than 3 shots. This increases your chance of acquiring a Diamond. I carry the first three weapons at all times using the large backpack to give me more carry weight. when I wish to change the 22 for a Shotgun I simply pitch a tent and make the change.

I got my first Diamond Whitetail on this map using the Martensson 6.5mm, This rifle has long-range and is very accurate.

Quick Access

Quick Access

My hunting tactics and Quick Access Inventory. Keep in mind wind direction and stealth, and shot placement is key to success.

Animals Locations: The places I find the most species.

Black Bear  Rest from 08:00 - 12:30 - Can be located in the North section of the map Magnolia Farms, and Needle Hollow areas. Just take a walk through the wooded areas around 10 am and you will run into a Black bear or two. I take the Black Bear with a Compound Bow using 420 arrows or my trusty 6.5mm Rifle. If you are lucky one will stand up looking for you and you can take a heart shot right between the shoulders. If they give you a warning go into a crouch position next to a bush, wait a minute then try to pick up any tracks. While out in the woods you will come across their need zones. I always had good luck stalking them. - I also keep my range set to 75meters on my rifle when in the woods, and only change it if the bear moves out into an opening further than 75 meters.

American Alligators: Rest from 12:00 - 16:30. Are plentiful in the Delta Wetlands, Bald Tree Brake all along the shoreline. If you go to the Travels Bunk Outpost (Delta Wetlands), lower-middle section there are Alligators just 100meters from the front porch of the OutPost. - I got my first gold Alligator from this location.  I use the 6.5mm Rifle with a heart-lung shot, directly behind the front legs. Try to shoot the Alligator when it is on land away from water - resting zones.

The Common Raccoon: Rest from 06:00 - 10:00 & 13:16:00. Are plentiful in Bald Tree Brake and Delta Wetlands, Magnolia Farms, and to a lesser degree in Needle Hollow. Go to any open fields in these areas mentioned pull out your Tripod and set up along a dirt road in the afternoon and wait. One, two, or three will eventually cross the road. - I use the 22H  for my little friends. You will also find plenty of need zones near and in the cotton, Corn, and Tobacco fields. You basically need to get the Raccoon out in the open to be successful and that is why I set up a Tripod Stand next to a road near a Field/need zone.

Hogs: Rest from 10:00 - 14:30 & eat from 14:30 -17:30 I use my Compound Bow with 420-gram arrows or my 6.5mm Rifle. Wild hogs can be found in and around open fields in the same locations as the Common Raccoon. in Bald Tree Brake and Delta Wetlands, Magnolia Farms. Walking along the edges of these fields at the edge of the woods will reveal Need Zones. You will know you are close when you get a warning call then use the Wild Boar caller to lure them near your position. The typical heart-lung shot or if you are being charged a brain shot. Hogs will charge if shot at close range, so be prepared.

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