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MST RMX 3.0 KMW ARR Limited Edition - Review

MST RMX 3.0 KMW ARR Limited Edition - Review

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Is it worth the cost

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I really enjoy building and running RC vehicles and I have a small collection of full modded Tamiya 1/14 scale Semis, No Prep Drag Cars, Touring Cars, Custom Built Trail/Crawlers, and of course one of my favorites Drift cars.

My latest adventures consist of several kits but in this article, I will be discussing the MST RMX 3.0 KMW ARR Limited Edition Drift Car - is it worth the high cost? First off two words that normally will spell a high price tag are "Limited Edition and Almost Ready To Run". Everyone knows having a pre-built chassis will cost a few more dollars in the checkout line and a Numbered Limited Edition will set you back even more.

the MST RMX 3.0 KMW ARR Limited Edition drift Car is an almost ready-to-run Drift Chassis consisting of mostly Carbon Fiber, and full metal hardware with a numbered limited edition plaque.  The MST RMX 3.0 box and contents weigh in at 2256.9 grams or a little over 4.9 pounds, a rolling chassis without electronics weighs in at 1.7 pounds or 771.107 grams and come nicely packaged with a manual, a set of stickers, and additional parts to complete the kit. On the exterior of the box is a label unique to the RMX 3.0 build that shows Quality Assurance checks, serial number, the Quality Control Signature, and the Supervisor Signature all in Japanese of course. Overall experience in opening the box and examining the contents is very pleasing.

Overall This kit has all the bells and whistles of a top-level drifter with nothing more to add except wheels and the electronics. This means you will spend more time detailing your choice of Lexan bodies and doing custom work in those areas and racing rather than looking for upgrades for your car - because the chassis is already fully upgraded.

Fit, Finish and Build Quality: Exquisite is a word I would use. The MST RMX 3.0 is a high-precision RC Drift Chassis and comes set for a natural handling drift car. The adjustment you need to make will depend on your choice of Motor placement and weight balance. The MST RMX 3.0 features rear, top, and forward motor mounting options with just as many battery placement options not to mention three options for servo mounting. In short, the MST RMX 3.0 can be customized to any driving surface and style.

A note about the Differential - The MST RMX 3.0 has the smoothest diffs I ever had the pleasure of turning. So smooth, almost like a free-spinning ballbearing wheel, buttery smooth does not do this differential justice.

Three things I noted: (1)The Left from the wheel camber detached after one run for a 1k limited Kit I am not sure all those signatures concerning Quality Control were "checked". (2)The included decals are generic MST decals and not custom MST RMX 3.0 limited edition, to go to this level and expense and not make some custom stickers were a letdown (3) The front steering at its fullest binds, making returning to the center difficult, however after attaching a set of wheels that problem went away.

Now the big question: Is it worth the huge price tag? If you look at it just from a "Drift Cart" perspective I would say no. But, if you look at it from a collector's point of view having a limited run of 300 total worldwide with a unique serial number then the answer may be yes. I am no collector and I do not plan on sitting my MST RMX 3.0 on a shelf collecting dust waiting for a day that it may be worth more.

If you are not a collector and have a tendency to find enjoyment in "upgrading" your vehicles in ways that makes them yours I would suggest you go for the RMX 2.0 roller and buy upgrade chassis parts etc. I for one enjoy building every part of my vehicle and making upgrades, this gives me experience and better knowledge of how the car works.

My Electronics Options for this build:

  • Futaba MC970 drift ESC
  • Futaba GY550 Drift Gyro
  • Futaba Digital all-metal Servo
  • Yokomo 13.5 Brushless Motor
  • Futaba 7PRX Transmitter with Futaba Receiver
  • Pro Tek 5000 2s 120c Shorty pack

Wheels and Tires:

  • Undecided until the choice of body and paint scheme

Body and Lighting

  • I am considering a classic drifter body like a Nissan GT-R Skyline or a Fairlady
  • Lighting will include headlights, foglights, and Taillights

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