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MST RMX 2.5 RS 1/10 RWD Drift Car Review

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Worth the Price

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The MST RMX 2.5 RS Black 1/10 RWD Drift Car Review - is it competitive out of the box and worth the price? 

With so many options out there who would spend nearly $400.00 USD for a chassis-only drift car?  MST offers 2.0 RTR with a painted body for half the price so, what makes the MST RMX 2.5 worth the asking price?.

The MST RMX 2.5 RS 1/10 RWD Drift Car comes as a kit so you get the full enjoyment of building a fine example of drifting perfection.  You see where I am headed with this review.  As of late, I have been busy building my Yokomo YD 2RX and Yokomo YD 2 SXIII chassis. I bought a used MST Chassis last year and fell in love with the extensive support and upgrades available. So much so I also bought the MST RMX 3.0 limited edition and now the MST RMX 2.5.  Why? MST makes excellent kits, rollers, and chassis and has lots of support and upgrades

The MST RMX 2.5 RS Black 1/10 RWD Drift Car arrived in the standard MST Black Box with an outer covering showing the Chassis and Specs - nothing new here. Well packed with an excellent presentation.

Opening the box you will find the Assembly manual with some MST decals.  The kit comes sealed in very well-marked bags that align to the assembly instructions found in the manual, each page lays out the parts needed as well as tools (1.5, 2.0mm hex) it is suggested you own a "shock" building tool to prevent marring of the shock shafts with pliers.

The only challenge in assembly is paying attention to the detailed drawings and illustrations when building the arms as one side is reversed in order to match the other side.

This is a complete competition kit and needs nothing other than the Wheels, Tires, and electronics to be competitive with top rollers out in the Drift world. The MST RMX 2.5 RS 1/10 RWD Drift Car is highly adjustable and ready for competition as per the build instructions right out of the box.

MST has a winner with this kit, with every nut, screw, and part needed to satisfy your building passion. - Worth the Price? YES!

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