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Bad YouTube Photography Channels

Bad YouTube Photography Channels

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Channels I Stopped Watching


I am a photographer user of Photography equipment and a reviewer. All the equipment I review I own or have purchased for the review, some I sell on eBay following the review because the equipment is below my threshold of acceptance. I like and enjoy quality over quantity. I also do not find it necessary to compare or trash talk a camera brand - if your camera system works for you then it is perfect for you.

Like many of you, I browse Youtube as a reference and come across channels that take a non-biases approach to their review/opinion I appreciate it. When channels do a dis-service to photography I take issues with them. Here are the Three YouTube channels I do not recommend and are a buffoonery of idiots. Do not be teased by the title to click and watch their videos, doing so is like paying them for their sad behavior.

#1: The Northrup's: Why? The Content is shallow and biased with little to no practical use in real-life photography and rarely any teaching moments it is mostly smoke and mirrors with a lot of jaw-jacking. If you like clickbait this is a Clickbait Channel. Titles Like Nikon going Bankrupt, Not In my Bag "Nikon", and Sony Won! how ludicrous.  They gave the illusion of moving to Sony but all the while trying to hang on to Nikon for a free lunch meal, it is laughable. This channel is only in it for the $$ and is not a Photography Channel.

#2: The Fro Knows Nothing: This dude went to photography school YEARS ago and worked in a photography store in Philly, but yet knows little about photography. He pretends to use a Nikon Z to illustrate how bad the autofocus is and in turn illustrates how ignorant he is in the setup and use of Nikon's Autofocus features. Since Nikon kicked him to the curb he now dedicates his time ranting on Nikon and claiming never to be a Nikon user again but always has ranted about Nikon. - Useless!

#3: That Old Tired Nikon Guy: Here is a flip-flopper who hangs on the fence trying to stay loyal all the while not being.  His famous video of a Looney Tune "Good Bye Nikon That's All Folks", the entire video features him boxing up his gear and sending it to KEH. Later seen using Sony - and now trying to get back on the Nikon food wagon - with a newly posted video "No More Sony" what a Joke. I hope Nikon sees him for what he is.

#4 Bonus: The Angry Photographer:  You know that bald dude who rarely makes it out of the house and sits behind a desk and rants on Nikon all the while claiming to have more Nikon gear than all his subs combined. He likes Fujifilm cameras I like Fujifilm cameras. He should give up on trying to kill Nikon and focus his attention on the positive points of Fujifilm. He is not sponsored because no camera company would have him.


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