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Everyday Flower Photography

ExclusiveEveryday Flower Photography

I have a couple of photographic weaknesses, Birds and Flowers.  Whenever I am out doing some photography shooting regardless of what my intentions are if I run across a great-looking flower I stop and take a photo or try to incorporate the flower into my scene. The great thing about flower photography is you really don't need any specialized equipment.  I have even taken flower photos with a fisheye lens. If you want to discover more about flower photography read on...

Copy Data Between Two Synology NAS

ExclusiveCopy Data Between Two Synology NAS

Copy Data Between Two Synology NAS using RSYNC - Recently I had a failing drive in my primary Synology NAS. While I have a redundant system I did not want to take any chances of trying to replace the failing hard drive without a full backup of the data.  This is the easiest method to copy folders over to another Synology NAS.

Nikon 800mm f/6.3 VR S Thoughts and Considerations

ExclusiveNikon 800mm f/6.3 VR S Thoughts and Considerations

The evolving Nikon Z line of cameras and lenses gets more and more complicated when trying to make buying decisions in the Nikon Z Mirrorless ecosystem, which is a good thing. Now the Nikon 800mm PF 6.3 is available to tempt you into the world of Super Telephoto photography. You too may be tempted to take the plunge, considering the closest super-telephoto is over 10k, 7.5 pounds, and has a shorter focal length, the new Nikon 800mm PF F/6.3 might just be the killer lens.

Blue Jays Habits and Temperament

ExclusiveBlue Jays Habits and Temperament

The Blue Jay is a loud active bird that frequents many backyards throughout the year.  This article will detail my observations of the Blue Jays I know for several years. During these years some are departed and new arrivals have appeared. Join me on a quick read to as I share my observations of the wonderful Blue Jay.


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