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The Best Audio Field Recorder - Zoom F8N Pro

The Best Audio Field Recorder - Zoom F8N Pro


Great Value with exceptional results



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The Zoom F8n Pro is a highly regarded and professional field recorder designed for budget-minded filmmakers and sound professionals who understand the importance of high-quality audio for storytelling. The features of this field recorder are remarkable - so let's go:

  1. 32-Bit Float Recording: The F8n Pro captures audio with an impressive dynamic range using 32-bit float technology. From subtle sounds like seatbelt clicks to mighty engine roars, this recorder ensures clarity and fidelity.

  2. 8 Inputs, 10 Tracks: With eight channels for simultaneous recording, the F8n Pro lets you capture multiple audio sources. It supports up to 10 tracks, including the L/R mix.

  3. Power Options: Whether you’re on an extended location shoot or working remotely, the F8n Pro has you covered:

    • Onboard Power: Use eight AA alkaline batteries for up to 5 hours of recording. - Not recommended.
    • Alternate Power: Connect external 9-18 volt DC battery packs via the 4-pin Hirose connector. - Recommended.
    • Dual Memory: Record simultaneously on two SD cards (up to 1TB each) for redundancy.
  4. Gallery View Mode: Easily capture images with the F8n Pro’s gallery view feature.

The Zoom F8n Pro is a powerhouse for capturing pristine audio in demanding environments. Whether you’re working on a film set, documentary, or any other project, this field recorder delivers exceptional performance.

Why is the Zoom F8N Pro a better choice? Simply put, it is a more cost and power-effective solution. Some devices charge hefty fees for plugins such as Ambisonics Plugin, but it is free on Zoom. Also, Zoom has continued supporting older devices like the original Zoom F8 with Firmware, which added Android APP support for the F8 line.

Talking Heads: Don't allow anyone to convince you that a more expensive field recorder is better because it costs more. The Zoom F8NPro equals anything under $4,000.00.

Power Options: I recommend you get a Neewer or SmallRig V-mount battery with a HiRose D-Tap power cord to run this unit for days.


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