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Birds Ultimate Challange

ExclusiveBirds Ultimate Challange

Many times each year I take time to appreciate wild life and nature, These creatures who fly, walk, slither and live along side us humans. Several things stand our as I write this, one being how amazing are the birds survival capabilities out doors in the cold, wind, and snow, I took a few hours today to brave the near 0 temps to go out and take a few photos of birds being birds. 

The Common Buckeye

ExclusiveThe Common Buckeye

A common buckeye caterpillar shown on a host plant. This species is  resident across the southern United States, much of Mexico and as far north as southern Canada.  When in the butterfly state, it regularly expands its range each year  northward to temporarily colonize much of the U.S., reaching Canada. Starting in late summer and continuing through fall, huge numbers of adults migrate southward, where the adults overwinter.

June Flower

ExclusiveJune Flower

On a otherwise boring day I ran across this wonderful flower growing in the sunlight next to the Potomac River, Not having a macro lens, I used my 400mm to capture the beauty.

Great Blue Heron a Great Hunter

ExclusiveGreat Blue Heron a Great Hunter

The Great Blue stands 132 cm (four feet) tall, has a 213 cm (seven-foot) wingspan and weighs 2.5 kg. It has a long yellow bill. Adults have blue-grey wings and back and a white head with a black cap and a long black plume. In flight, the long neck is held in an S-shape with the long legs trailing behind. This bird flies with strong deliberate wing beats.

Flower Pink

ExclusiveFlower Pink

This image was taken using a Nikkor 105mm Macro Lens (old style lens) and a D700 in the Month of April. I enjoy the Spring time, life and everything it brings with it. In and around my home are bird houses and I have returning generations that reproduce and I am in AWE!  Nature is simply amazing.


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