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Sound Devices MixPre 10 II - Review

Sound Devices MixPre 10 II - Review


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The Sound Devices MixPre-10 II is a versatile and powerful audio recorder for various applications. Here are some key features of the MixPre-10 II:

  1. Eight Ultra-Low-Noise Kashmir Microphone Preamps: These preamps deliver high-quality audio capture in the field, on set, or with a computer. You can record multiple actors, podcasters, or audio for film with superior quality.

  2. 10 x 4 Portable Mixer: The built-in mixer allows you to create custom mixes. It’s perfect for adjusting audio levels during recording or live sound mixing.

  3. 12-Track Recording to SD Card: Record up to 12 tracks directly to an SD card. Additionally, you can back up your recordings to a USB thumb drive.

  4. 32-Bit Float USB Audio Interface: The MixPre-10 II is among the few 32-bit float USB audio interfaces on the market. It streams audio to and from your computer via USB-C at bit depths up to 32-bit float.

  5. Adjustable Limiters: Customize your recording settings with adjustable limiters, bit depths (16 to 32-bit float), and sampling rates (44.1 kHz to 192 kHz).

  6. Timecode Features: It includes an internal LTC timecode generator, timecode In/Out via BNC or Aux In/Stereo Out, and timecode and record triggering via HDMI.

  7. Lightweight and Durable: The MixPre-10 II is perfect for bag use, mobile recording, or a home studio. It’s rugged, small, and light.

  8. Headphone Monitoring: The powerful 300 mW+300 mW headphone amp ensures precise and accurate audio reference.

  9. Customizable with Plugins: You can customize your MixPre-10 II with plugins from the Plugin Store.

In summary, whether you’re recording field audio, sound effects, film audio, or starting your audio journey, the MixPre-10 II offers exceptional performance and flexibility.


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