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Summer Dragonfly
TrueToad / Thursday, June 22, 2017 / Categories: The Photography Blog

Summer Dragonfly

The wonderful Dragonfly

After doing some Googling for dragonflies I became motivated and decided to go out and hunt them down.  I must admit I do love Dragonflies. They take me back to my childhood and with so many varieties, they are the most beautiful and amazing insects that grace our space.  What a challenge to photograph, with the big eyes and quick reflexes, the dragonfly don't hang around too long and sense changes in the light which warn of predators.

What's better than a hot, humid day to take a few photos of one of my favorite insects? So, I drove to a wetland area and soon discovered the biting deer flies.  Oh, my!@$%!!!! I was not prepared for the onslaught and having not repellent my only hope was to break off some grasses growing on the side of the path and attempted to fight my way through the attack.

These Photos are the results of my efforts, bite marks and all.


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Original Date6/22/2012

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Tamron SP 90mm F/2.8 Di VC 

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