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My Favorite Photographer - Joe McNally

My Favorite Photographer - Joe McNally

My Favorite Photographer - Joe McNally

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Photographic Genius

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During the course of many, many years in photography, I admit my utmost admiration in photography is due to one main photographer. - and that is Joe McNally.

Joe McNally resonates with my photographic values - be humble, be smart, mentor your staff,  understand your subject, and above all understand light and how it affects your shot.

Joe McNally is a highly respected and superior Photographer, not because of a brand he chose to use, but because of Joe's tenacity and willingness to make personal sacrifices in the process of capturing the moment in a photograph. 

Joe McNally is a photographic genius that has blessed photographers regardless of their brand. of gear - Photography is about art not about the brand, and Mr. McNally is Photography.  I added a couple of YouTube videos of Mr. McNally in action, blow your mind.

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TrueToad ยท 9/9/2020 8:12:21 PM

Go Joe, you are the best.

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