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Goodbye So Long

Goodbye So Long

Goodbye So Long

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Fickle YouTube Channels

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Do you trust what you see on some Photography YouTube Channels these days? The channels that claim one brand is better than another, or state they are dropping brand X for brand B,  or have obvious clickbait titles claiming a major camera company is doomed? 

Please downvote negative photography YouTube channels as you run across them! Why? because these channels offer No Value to our photographic community and these YouTube Channels incite and divide photographers through branding tactics, pitting one brand against the other. The YouTube Channels that jump from one company to the next when the market shifts are not by coincidence it is by their careful analytics - these channels make content to draw you in regardless of how useful the content is; these YouTube Channels are not in it for you - they are in it for themselves.

Photography is an art, no matter what brand we use; photography is a rewarding experience and we can not be shamed by some YouTube Channels because of the different choices people make on brands that fit their photography needs and enjoyment - Real Photographers do not need to explain why, they are out taking pictures - The Photography Community are NOT here for negativity, we are here for Photography.

How to spot degrading/negative Photography Channels. Look for these titles or keywords:

  • "I/we are switching from brand x to brand b?" 
  • Good Bye Company X! 
  • Company E is Doomed!
  • Not in my bag - company B!
  • Sensor size X is dead "use full-frame" only
  • Lens X is a waste? (titles ending in a question mark)
  • The Scientific Channel -  using a slide show to explain their madness - is HIGHLY suspect. Photography is not a freaking science fair!
    • You have seen channels who try a technical approach to explaining how the crop sensor's depth of field is .......
  • Channels that use Negative words in the thumbnail image. Humans can read it, but the same text is not in the title, so you get the negative point, these channels want to leave the door open in case of a possible sponsorship.  

Channels that mascarade as Photography Channels part-time and spew their opinion about society and politics and cite passages from books or have segments on some off-topic subject in hopes of seeming intelligent; calling people "foolish little demon Spawn" - how do these YouTube Channel even exist in 2020. Who supports such channels - hit the thumbs down button people.

The reality is:

  • No one cares why you are selling your gear; just do it and move on with your life for god's sake without a tragic VLOG about why. 
    • If your channel goes off the air no one is going to miss you because you brought nothing of VALUE photographically - your channel is just NOISE, a fart in the wind

Photography needs to flourish and grow for the greater good and benefit to all regardless of what brand someone chooses to shoot with. 

How do you take out the Photography Trash on YouTube? 

  • Don't fall, victim by making comments on non-value photography videos. Just hit the downvote "thumbs down" button. If the video makes your blood boil - that was the intent in the first place to increase comments and debate on their videos. - DON'T FALL VICTIM! DownVote These Negative Photography Channels.
  • Don't get roped into Negative YouTube Channels. These channels use clever tactics to entice you to click on the idiot video they just posted. These channels can easily be identified by reading their titles and as mentioned above before falling victim - just hit the thumbs down and move on.

Please: Leave comments on your "worst" YouTube channels that bring no value or use Clickbait titles.  P.S. Don't worry about the comment form collecting your personal information, simply use an alias name and email address - or use the contact page for complete privacy.

Thank You for your Support

Photography is not about a brand - it is about your enjoyment, be proud of your photography, and how you captured that wonderful image.




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