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Joy of Summer

Joy of Summer
TrueToad 1477

Joy of Summer

Summer Fun Photography

I enjoy spring but also the transition period into the summer months. The spring flowers are all but gone now and budding trees have now transitioned into full leaf with the spring flowers replaced by the hardy flowers of summer. 

Summer is the time I enjoy doing macro photography in an attempt to capture the essence of summer - whatever I come across in my outdoor outings, be it Dragonfly, Butterflies, and or especially the summer flowers.  Summer opens many opportunities for great outdoor photography, I especially taking my gear out and walk trails and stop along the way to capture the flowers and other subjects.

My approach for acquiring good shots is a plan to be out early in the morning before the heat of summer takes its toll and carry a lightweight macro set up - depending on what your intentions are your choice my vary. For Dragonfly I prefer the longer lens while a shorter 60-100mm macro does well for general summer flower photography.  I also prefer to take a flash along to help with greater depth of field and filling in shadows and as far as a tripod goes - I carry a small one along as well.

Grab your camera and lens and get outside and capture some fantastic photographs.  Good Luck, I will see you on the trail.

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Flowers to Switzerland

Macro photography is awesome, especially with flowers! As a florist, I try to do some amateur bouquet photography on the side but I must admit they will never look as good as yours :( Hope to see more of your work soon.


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