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Nikon 800mm f/6.3 VR S Thoughts and Considerations

Nikon 800mm f/6.3 VR S Thoughts and Considerations
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Nikon 800mm f/6.3 VR S Thoughts and Considerations


Compact & Lightweight Supertelephoto



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I am a wildlife photographer who owns several of Nikon's Super Telephotos including the Nikon 600mm ED FL lens. When I was making my decision to purchase a 600mm lens I also considered the 800mm these were both f mount lenses and were perfect for my D850. Due to the weight and price of the 800mm f lens, I felt the 600mm was a better fit and offered a good focal length using the 1.4 teleconverter, giving me an 840mm f/5.6. So, I went with the 600mm.  Fast Forward a few years...

Nikon's evolving Z line of cameras and lenses has made it more complicated when trying to make buying decisions in the Nikon Z Mirrorless ecosystem, which is a good thing. With the Nikon 800mm, PF 6.3 availability to tempt you into the world of Super Telephoto bird and wildlife photography. You too may be tempted to take the plunge with the New Nikon 800mm PF lens, considering the closest super-telephoto is over 10k, 7.5 pounds, and has a shorter focal length, the new Nikon 800mm PF f/6.3 might just be the killer lens.

For me, at this point in time, I am totally switching to Z Mirrorless Cameras including my recent Z9 and in my honest opinion to get the most out of the Nikon Mirrorless system using Z mount lenses is the best approach, and to that point, I have been busy switching out my f mount lenses for Z mount lenses. While updating my f mount 105mm Macro with the New Z Mount 105mm Macro it was not all too painful $$ because I sell my old gear to compensate. But when you consider upgrading your 10K super-telephotos you need to carefully consider how you move forward.

I don't have an 800mm Nikon Prime lens, nor do I have an f mount lens that is somewhat comparable - When Nikon announced the 800mm PF f/5.6 lens I made the decision to buy the 800mm PF f/6.3 and put it in my rotation of wildlife lenses. Having both the 500mm PF and the 300mm PF - I know what a godsend using and traveling with lighter lenses can be.

It is pretty much common sense why the new Nikon 800mm PF 6.3 lens is such a good lens and makes a lot of sense for the serious enthusiast who wanted to get into serious wildlife photography but was put off by the cost and the weight of the legacy f mount super-telephoto lenses. The Nikon 800mm PF f/6.3 lens has many compelling reasons that should be considered if you are in the market or want to get into wildlife photography as a more serious hobbyist or enthusiast.

  • Light Weight just a little over 5 pounds, 2385 g
  • Compact considering the focal length - just over 15 inches, 385mm
  • Z mount with customizable buttons and control rings
  • Weather-Sealed and dust repellant
  • VR stabilization with 5 stops when used with a Z9
  • High Tech Lens coatings, Nano, Fluorine
  • Somewhat affordable as compared to a 600mm ED FL or the 800mm ED FL
  • Accepts Nikon's Z teleconverters
  • Soft-sided carry case - great for travel

For those lucky enough to already have a Nikon 400mm f/2.8, Nikon 500mm f/4 / f5.6, or the Nikon 600mm F/4 I still recommend you take a serious look at this lens to add to your Wildlife photography bag. It makes a great travel lens and lightens the load while extending your focal length.

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