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7 Photographic Things

Exclusive7 Things Every Photographer Should Do

Each of use want to make great eye catching photographs, we live for it. The reality is we may not be able to achieve greatness in every aspect of photography. Some people are blessed with a great location that is in line for their desire and maximizes their inner creativity. Others may need to seek areas that will sooth their quest while others have jobs doing what they love. Each of us want to explore what makes us take photographs and want to share them. In this age of instant digital everything, how do we capture the uniqueness of life, the people and surroundings of our ever changing world in ways that bring new perspectives of everything.

Exclusive7 Photographic Legends

Everyone has their favorite people in life, If you’re a sports fan then you may have a few players or coaches you admire and inspire you. Here in my world of photography, I have listed 7 individuals who have made me a better photographer and inspired me to get up and shoot. They are the best of the best.

Exclusive7 Photography Tips and Tricks

Here are my super secret Tips and Tricks for Nature Photography out in the field, Please don't tell anyone I posted these for public use. - This is not about what to carry, batteries, supplies, etc, but how to be prepared; nature is just that and most times unpredictable.

Exclusive7 Things Photographers Should Carry

Here are my essential items to carry on every photographic outing. Now one may argue why would I need a polarizing filter for an indoor shoot? Well you don’t in most cases, but having one in your carry bag will pay dividends one day.  Also, to note is just use common sense and some of the items on my list are just that.


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