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7 Landscape Photography Tips

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7 Landscape Photography Tips

Landscapes for Everyone

1.  Do not worry much about photo gear when starting out - my best advice is to actually go out with what you have and use your instincts to take a few photos of something that interest you. Take your time to analyze your images afterward. Nothing worse photographically than being too scared to venture out to capture a landscape.

2. Do not let other photographers define your style - be creative and shoot your own photos - don't copy others, admire them and learn from them. Yes, this is a hard one to master - go out and smell the air and you will find your place.

3. Fail Big and learn from it. Never give up! All photographers started as amateurs. 

4. Master skills of post-processing and make the software work for your style, not the other way around.

5. Invest in a good Tripod.  I know, you don't need one - YES YOU DO.  Do not skimp on this - a good light tripod is a must and if your budget can afford go for the best after doing your research.

6.  Use your current gear now while learning before rushing out to buy new lenses or cameras - you can achieve a great photo with the gear you have!  If you feel it is holding you back - consider upgrading.

7. Lastly, at some point, you know you need a set of Neutral Density Filters you will eventually need them


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