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July Cone Flower 20 July 2017

July Cone Flower

Digital Paint

I took the reference photo in early July in very bright sunlight at about 9 A.M, I thought I the image was a good photo to make a digital painting from.

Great Blue Heron Painting 15 July 2016

Great Blue Heron Painting

Looking Over the Potomac

This is a short effort in impressionist paint splatter. The source image was of course an image taken this year of a Great Blue Heron overlooking the Potomac River.

Lilly of Color 4 July 2016

Lilly of Color


I am exploring some of my original photographs for re-creating as digital paintings.  Some of my favorite photos are of the flowers because of their awesome colors. Flowers are a beautiful source of rich vibrant colors found everywhere and in nature, flowers deserve special consideration for any digital artist work.

The Cat 15 May 2015

The Cat

Our Cat

While outdoors at the end of summer our cat came out to watch me take some macro shots, so I decided to take his photo which I later used as a reference photo for his portraiture. 
Spanish Girl 11 January 2015

Spanish Girl

Side Light

This painting began as a provided image from a young lady who wanted me to provide a digital painting to allow her to print to a large size and frame for her family.  This was the initial efforts, the final digital art will be posted as soon as I can obtain the image, all rights were transferred.
Seagull 2 January 2015


Ring Billed Gull

During an outing at a Wildlife Refugee I happened to come in contact with a group of flying gulls that were busy flying back and forth parallel to the beach, I suspect they were looking for food.  I make a few photos and later painted this one using acrylics and oils.
Which Path 2 January 2015

Which Path

Not always easy

A painting depicting two paths that fork and eventually grow further and futher apart as you move down one or the other, which do you take, as both look equally inviting.
Beach Tree Scene 1 January 2015

Beach Tree Scene

Rivers Edge Springtime

I took one of my older photographs taken during an outing at the rivers edge during early morning in the springtime.  The warm sun shines through the budding leaves giving the entire painting a greenish cast.

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