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Really Right Stuff Flash Bracket Review

Really Right Stuff Flash Bracket Review

Really Right Stuff Flash Bracket Review

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Great for Macro Photographers

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What you see pictured in the main image is a combination of RRS rings and adapters with the  ArcaTech Nodal Rail, and yes this does add weight to your carry - is it worth it?

On a regular basis I use a  Nikon R1C1 Wireless Close-Up Macro Flash System it advances my macro work to a higher level.  For reference purposes: Read My Review of the Nikon R1C1 here.   Nikon's wireless remote set up makes for some nice Macro lighting, the full package comes with two SB-R200 wireless flashes and the SU-800 commander, around $700.00 depending on where you shop.  
This project (challenge) started when I acquired the Sigma 180mm Macro lens; Nikon does not have a threaded ring adapter that fits Sigma's filter ring size, too large @ 86MM - thus I had no way to attach my SB-R200s to the sigma lens.  
After a few searches I came across the Really Right Stuff flash accessories and I eventually ordered the parts required to make my macro flash system work with the Sigma lens + I intend to use the Really Right Stuff as a fill flash for my nature shooting with my 600mm lens.

The Cost Breakdown
1. FR-87-QR Medium Flash Ring with Tilt Flash B87-QRFM mount ($288.00)
2 each B87-SFM Non-Tilt Flash Mount ( $90.00 each)
2 each FA-QR200 Adapter for SB-R200 flashes ($ 30.00 each)
1 Archatech Nodal Rail ($200.00)

Be advised the Really Right Stuff flash accessories are pricy, but as most RRS products go their quality is always top shelf, making my entire setup run around $ 720.00 without electronics; I already had an Arcatech Nodal Rail for some panorama work I was doing.
The Really Right Flash Accessories are very well made and will last a lifetime, although light (aircraft aluminum) all together adds some weight - if you want/need precision this is it especially for tripod studio work.


Really Right Stuff offers flash hoops/rings in small, medium and large + two styles and of course, all types of adapters for major camera manufactures, so you should not have any trouble putting together a complete set up by purchasing an appropriately sized circular or semi-circular flash bracket which accepts the really right stuff flash mounts.  You then acquire the correct flash shoe adapters. Their solution supports wireless and wired set-ups.  If you want to attach a standard flash on the ring you will need either a "cold" shoe adapter or a strobe cord adapter.  Once you have the adapters and flashes attached you can place the flash(es) anywhere along the ring, and lock them in place.

Out in the Field: Overall the flash bracket and adapters are easy to set-up and use plus they have utility for studio work and make off-camera macro photography work look more professional due to better lighting arrangements. 

I found using this setup both a blessing and pain; Having the added weight on the camera with an already heavy lens makes it near impossible to handhold steady for true macro 1:1 shot and remain in focus/sharp. You will certainly have your work cut out for you if you try to hand carry/hold this setup. I recommend you carry along that tripod.  On a tripod, this setup works very well, especially for static subjects such as flowers, water drops, and the like.  However, considering the price I suggest you look at all other options first and weigh carefully your investment. If you’re into studio macro or are a dedicated fan Really Right Stuff will not disappoint.
If you are trying to travel light you may want to look around for other options and, if you’re a Nikon user consider the R1C1. or R1.
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Troy Phillips · 7/16/2020 7:12:50 PM

I have been searching and searching for a review on the Really Right Stuff flash rings . I see a medium sized on is discontinued and the large is now on back order . I have the Sigma 180mm f/2.8 macro also and it is a tank . I was going to use my sb700 flash/es on this setup and try to hand hold. As I see and have been adding up some numbers on my d850 It’ll be some serious weight for sure . I wanted to do double duty with the flash guns I already have . I have found a flash gun soft box I think I’ll use on the setup with just one flash I think . I want to also have the rrs flash ring for portraits also and maybe some nature fill flash . Guess I’ll have to get the ol guns back in shape . Thanks for the review

TrueToad · 7/18/2020 9:54:41 AM

Good Luck! The Sigma 180 Macro is a tank as you stated. I personally carry my rig on a small Gitzo tripod with a quick release. It makes carrying much easier as I carry it over my shoulder. It also helps with acquiring sharper images of those stationary plants/flowers and with the quick release If I want to go chase butterflies, I can disconnect the lens and camera in a second and be off on the chase.

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