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Nikon Battery Pack Grip MB-N11 Review

Nikon Battery Pack Grip MB-N11 Review


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Do you own a Nikon Z7 II or a Nikon Z6 II and do portrait photography?  If so, then the Nikon MB-N11 might be a great solution for you to consider.  I consider it a necessary accessory for serious portrait/wedding photographers.

First, the MB-N11 is a seriously expensive accessory costing nearly $400.00 which for Nikon is the norm these days. There are knock-offs available for around $100.00 but require an external cable to enable the vertical shutter release button - you get what you pay for.  For me, I went with the OEM Nikon MB-N11 and not a knockoff.

To attach the MB-N11 Power Battery Pack you remove the battery cover from your camera along with the battery. Place the removed cover in the convenient storage space on the MB-N11, then use the traditional thumbwheel to tighten the grip to your Nikon Z7 II or Nikon Z6 II. After all, is said and done you still have a bottom tripod mount and storage for two batteries.

My UseCase: I purchased the MB-N11 for the added weight and battery it provides for use with my Nikon 600mm or Nikon 800mm lenses. Without the added weight balancing heavy lenses on a gimbal is very difficult. The MB-N11 adds just enough weight to get me in the ballpark.

The MB-N11 features a vertical shutter release button with main and sub-command dials an AF-On button and a Function button - basically, this means you can control your camera's main features while in the vertical position.

Weather Sealing: Yes, the Nikon MB-N11 is sealed at all openings to include the buttons and dials, this should allow for use in light rain on in dusty conditions without worry.

Batteries: Any EN-EL 15 battery will work but, If you use the latest version of the EN-EL 15 which is the 15c version. Nikon claims the MB-N11 provides a 1.9x increase in battery performance.  Additionally, the batteries are hot-swappable so when battery A is depleted the MB-N11 will automatically go to the next battery, and you can open the battery compartment and replace battery A without losing power. You can use the MB-N11 with only one battery but why do that? You can check each battery level within your camera.  Batteries are inserted using a sliding tray with markings for battery a and battery b. The tray can be fully removed if needed.

Charging: Yes, you can charge the batteries while the batteries are in the MB-N11 using the USB-C. 

Another reason to purchase the MB-N11 is to provide additional counterweight when using tripods with long heavy lenses.  I have a Nikon 600mm F/4 which is impossible to balance without the added grip. A cheaper option is to go with the MB-N10 if you don't require the vertical function and need the added weight to help balance your lens camera combination on a gimbal or tripod.

Recommendation: If you are a wedding or portrait photographer or have a long heavy lens then the MB-N11 is a recommended accessory.

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