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Hikvision DS-2DE4A425IWG-E IP PTZ Review
Surveillance Cameras

Hikvision DS-2DE4A425IWG-E IP PTZ Review


A smart camera with smarts



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This review is for the DS-2DE4A425IWG-E PTZ Camera using firmware version V5.8.0_231109_S3000541088.

What's Hot: I purchased this camera for its claim to track Vehicles, People, and "Other." How well does it work? The DS-2DE4A425IWG-E camera does a good job of tracking in good lighting and a fair job at night using the IR lights. If using optional supplemental IR lights, the results improve. Overall, I am satisfied with the result. 

  • Built-in IR lights will cover about 60 feet and provide usable images in darkness. The IR lights are focused based on the zoom factor, which is 25x for this camera.
  • -- IR lights will NOT reach out to the entire zoom range.
  • - Many high-end camera features that improve frame rates and can (if your network allows), as advertised, be applied, such as TCP acceleration, traffic shaping, and QoS, to name a few.
  • - Alarm inputs and outputs via included attachment points - external motion detections, microphones, speakers/lights/sirens
  • - H.264, H.265, or H2.65+ video codec options are available to improve framerates and reduce storage.
  • - Long zoom range of 25x, capable of reading car tags and doing face recognition at a distance. - The zoom scale is adjustable in the interface, allowing you to adjust the maximum zoom.
  • - The normal set of video tampering, email notifications, FTP uploads, and alarm - outputs are provided.
  • - Robust outdoor weather sealing "if installed per instructions."
  • - Many customizations, PTZ limits, park zones, patrols, schedules, etc.
  • - Supports Object removal, Line Crossing, Region Entrance and Exits, and Unattended Baggage.
  • - Four Pattern scans record a time of over 10 minutes for each.
  • - 30 FPS at full 5mp resolution
  • - Support Edge and Chrome web browsers
  • - Supports local recording on micro SD cards (optional)
  • - Supports 24w POE (802.3at) - no external power cord needed, but it can be run if required.
  • - A robust POE injector powers the camera over an ethernet.
  • - Supports microSD/SDHC/SDXC cards, up to 256 GB for local storage. It also supports remote NAS and NVR storage.
  • - Supports resolutions up to 2560 X 1440 @ 30 FPS

What's Not Hot: 

  • You can only do Face recognition OR Smart Events (vehicles, objects, intrusions, etc), not both.
  • The cost is somewhat high for what you get since other IP PTZ cameras do the same at half the cost (but not as robust of features).  If you are tempted to purchase a lower-cost smart camera, be prepared for what you get.
  • Sadly, due to the enclosed camera design, Nighttime and certain times of day can create halos / internal reflections—most dome cameras suffer from this effect.
  • I'm not a fan of the Field of View starting at 4.8mm or 53.3 FOV for a horizontal. It's a bit too narrow for my taste, but since it tracks not too much of a problem, it works best with a separate wider-angle camera for that situational awareness view.
  • 5.40lbs or 2.45 base camera weight

I use Synology DVA 3211 for my NVR, and the DS-2DE4A425IWG-E camera works very well in the setup. However, since it is a new camera Synology has not offered a pre-defined configuration, so you are forced to use the Generic_Hikvision options to get the most from the camera, Optionally you could set up the camera as an ONVIF camera and load the configuration, I did not try that.

Tip: There is now a vast selection of IP cameras available on the market, some as low as $59.00 @ 4K quality. Do not be fooled; read the specifications and look for real-life reviews of the models you are considering. I have a crap load of cameras in my junk box. The ones that stand the test of time are mounted and in use. Be advised of no-name camera brands or brands that look like known cameras that cost much more.  If the camera brand does not have a dedicated support site - steer clear.

Overall, this is a perfect camera for use in specific applications. It's a little pricey but worth it if you require a more robust, configurable surveillance camera with intelligent features. This camera is best suited for open areas with space between the camera and objects. It's great for a business with parking lots and entranceways. It's suitable for home use if you have the space it needs with a 4.8mm FOV lens.

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Felix Muster

Very nice review!! Did you also test the "E" version if there might be other differences which justify the smart tracking? And another question: Do you know if it is possible to have a 180° cam which generate an alarm event e.g. person recognized which is then send to the PTZ and smart tracking starting at that point? In the tandemvu they call is panoramic tracking, but I don't know it this can be configured in some way in a external combination of pano/PTZ. Many thanks!!


I did not test the E version. A 180-degree camera field of view can send an alarm to other cameras, but to have the second or other cameras go to the exact area within the 180-degree FOV is not something I have seen executed on consumer-based systems.

Synology Surveillance Station has an internal alarm that can be configured to have a second camera move in the direction of the camera that sent the alarm. I use a Synology DVA 3211, which is purpose-built for analytics of faces, people, animals, cars, object appearing, objects disappearing, line crossing, etc, and has alarm features to activate other cameras to PTZ.


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