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Photograph a flower for a Positive Feeling

Photograph a flower for a Positive Feeling
Flower Photography

Photograph a flower for a Positive Feeling


Your eyes, heart and nose knows.



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Two questions; and I bet you have a response to both,First, do you like flowers? Second, do you find them to be a wonderful and cheerful plant?  I know I do. I have yet to meet anyone who did not smile upon receiving flowers.  

I bet anyone visiting this site and after browsing the photos of flowers will leave with a positive feeling.  Flowers have that effect on people and taking photos of flowers has the same calming effect on me plus it is an excellent way to hone your skills as a photographer. Flower photos require some careful composition, exposure,and attention to focus. Am I perfect at taking flower photos? No. I learn by doing, making mistakes, getting out there with my camera and trying again and again. With flowers you only have a short period of time to experience the natural beauty - so don't waste it!

One issue we all face is finding locations to take wild flower photos. Parks are a great place but I am now finding less and less wild growing flowers due to habitat destruction be it intentional or otherwise coupled with the ever changing weather patterns, dry spells being one, and 2012 was not a good year for the flower due to weather but somehow they manage in small numbers to return. I doon occasion use GPS to mark locations of the flowers so I can return the following year to check on how they are doing one year later. I am often saddened by what I find; a road project or trail improvement project took them out or left the flowers in bad shape. 

The photos in the flower gallery below were taken over a one year period starting in early spring and going through late summer or until I could no longer find them growing in the wild in my area. I tried in my quest to capture each species as I discovered them.

It is my passion to photograph as many as I can discover during the short one year period as they bless us with their beauty. My favorite flowers being those I find growing along the roadsides or trails out in the wild, un-kept and surviving in nature as one would expect them to be.

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