Corel vs Adobe which is The Better Choice?

Corel vs Adobe which is The Better Choice?

Corel vs Adobe which is The Better Choice?

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Which is Better

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I have been a Corel user for many years and almost always upgrade the software as new releases come out.  Over the course of many years, the value that was once owned by Corel over its rival Adobe has eroded away and is no longer a value at all, and here is why.

Pricing Strategy:

Corel: If you are new to Corel or considering an upgrade and download a trial version of their software for testing you will notice your email box begins to fill up with their "helpful" tips and tricks. This is not a big issue. You can turn Corel's spam off under your Corel account settings, but I recommend you let it roll until you make your mind up.  Eventually, you are reminded the trial period will be ending and sent a link to make a purchase, usually at the full price with no discounts.  But, if you hold out, you are sent a second email several days later giving you a small discount, but wait! if you hold out even longer you get a bigger discount.  Nothing wrong with a discount: My beef here is why doesn't Corel just cut to the chase and give me their bottom line price?  You never know with Corel as they try to sucker you in at a higher price along the way.

Adobe: Pricing is upfront and straight forward. If they have a special or discount you see it immediately on the Adobe Creative Cloud website.  Adobe does not send various emails offering three different prices during a trial or count down timers to buy within the next hour to get a discount as Corel does.

Cripple Ware vs Full Version:

Corel: Corel is notorious at offering crippleware software missing key features at cheaper prices depending on the version.  As an example, Corel Draw 2020 Suite vs Standard 2020.  The standard version does not even support setting a UI Theme or scale the menus for better useability, only available in the Suite version costing hundreds more, this is a show stopper. Compare Corel Draw for your self. I am all for buying the software that your budget allows, but seriously removing the ability to set a UI Theme is mind-numbing stupid.

Adobe: Cuts to the chase with full-featured products across the board, nothing withheld with Adobe.

Price Comparison: Corel's Draw Suite 2020 is a whopping $499.00 or $250.00 to rent a year aka $21.00 per month and you get: Draw, Paint, Font Manager, Trace, Capture, AfterShot.

-- Adobe's Complete Software bundle is $52.00 dollars per month to rent, Adobe no longer has box software, all software is Cloud Based. Adobe has a much more robust offering of software across the board. When I upgraded my Photography Subscription (Photoshop, and LightRoom) of $10.00 per month to the full Adobe Suite, the cost increase for the first year is now $30.00 per month for EVERY software package Adobe offers, Everything! Corel can not compete against the overwhelming amount and diversity of Adobe products. 

Inconclusion:  Corel was once a company that offered great pricing for their Illustration and Photo software but no longer is the price difference the biggest difference Corel no longer has a clear advantage over buying a subscription of Adobe, and we all know Adobe IS the industry leader - all other like software is compared to Adobe products and that should tell you something.

Me personally, I only use Corel Painter now and have returned to Adobe as my Photo. Video, Audio, Web, and Illustration go-to source, and at $30.00 per month for Every Adobe Software package, Adobe is a bargain.

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