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Dragonfly Photography in the Summer

Dragonfly Photography in the Summer

Dragonfly Photography in the Summer

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Dragonfly Macro photography

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Dragonfly Photography in the Summer: After some Googling for dragonflies, I became motivated and decided to go out and hunt them down with my macro setup.  I admit I do love Dragonflies. Dragonflies take me back to my childhood and with so many varieties, they are the most beautiful and amazing insects that grace natural space.  What a challenge to photograph, with the big eyes and quick reflexes, the dragonfly don't hang around too long and sense changes in the light which warn of predators.

The Dragonfly is Amazing and here is why: Did you know the Dragonfly can process sight at nearly 200 frames per second, faster than any insect which gives the Dragonfly the ability to track and devour other flying insects.  I have a video link below.

How to approach and take photos of a Dragonfly: Once you spot a Dragonfly in your area, usually close to a body of water keep an eye on where the Dragonfly lands.  The Dragonfly's landing spot will normally be repeated again and again as he lands to rest and keeps his eye on potential prey.  Once you know the landing spot move close by and avoid casting a shadow and try not to hover over the top of the Dragonfly as this indicates a potential threat.  If he flys off, don't worry he will normally return in a few minutes. Patience is key.  For the best photo attempt to keep the camera and lens as parallel to the Dragonfly as possible due to the shallow depth of field of close up photography. Maintaining a parallel angle will help ensure you have the focus across or along the length of the Dragonfly.

Close up of a Dragonfly

What's better than a hot, humid day to take a few photos of one of my favorite insects? So, I drove to a wetland area and soon discovered the biting deer flies.  Oh, [email protected]$%!!!! I was not prepared for the onslaught and having not repellent my only hope was to break off some grasses growing on the side of the path and attempted to fight my way through the attack.

These photos are the results of my efforts, bite marks, and all - Summer Fun!

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