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Best Summer Photography Clothes

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Best Summer Photography Clothes


This article is geared for the Spring through Summer Macro Photo outings, weather ranging from mild to hot and humid. 

Hat: If you are fair skinned you should consider a hat that helps shield the solar rays off your face - the hat should be well ventilated, light and fit your bean.  If you will only be out in mixed lighting consider sunscreen appropriate for the hours you will be exposed to the sun.

Shirt on your back: I like the Columbia PFG Tamiami Long Sleeved Shirts - they are available in both men and women's.  These shirts are light, repel water, dry quickly and do not trap heat due to the excellent ventilation helps to keep you cool!

Pants:  I like cargo type pants - pants that have the added side pockets and offer inserts for knee padding like the 5.11 Taclite Pro Tactical Pants.  Buy the knee pad inserts and you have some near perfect pants that keep your knees safe from the up and down of Macro life.  We all hate it when the shot is low to the ground and we go down on one knee... only to find that sharped edged stone waiting to greet you.  These pants are rugged, rip resistant, light, and allow for movement and of course the knee pad insert.  When I go Macro shooting - these are the pants you find me in.  

Shoes:  Think logically.  I have two primary type. In the areas that are prone to being marshy or flooded especially in the spring, I wear waterproof boots, both above the ankle and at the ankle depending. Nothing better than keeping your feet dry when out all day.  If water is not a concern then I slip on my favourite low-cost hikers especially if the hike is not over rugged terrain.




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