Saturday, September 23, 2017

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Reviews on digital imaging, Nikon Cameras, Canon Cameras, Macro, Micro, Telephoto and Super Telephoto lens and all things photo optics and equipment, such as the D5, D500 and D850. My ambition is to provide useful and solid photography tips and information with the best real world reviews of all the photographic gear and astronomy equipment - that I use.

Zoom F8 Field Recorder Review Read more

Zoom F8 Field Recorder Review

Although this site is primarily based around Photography I thought it fitting I would at some point introduce sound into the mix - get it? sound mix!.  Anyway a lot of  photographers shoot video with their nice DSLRs and in choosing to do so like to have great sounding audio.  Audio opens a new aspect and with so many options and mics available, I am taking  a few minutes to start a audio section.  Here it goes....

AVX Wireless - Sennheiser Review Read more

AVX Wireless - Sennheiser Review

Today I wanted to briefly mention a new audio item I began using with good success and results.  The Sennheiser AVX Digital Wireless audio System.  The AVX can simplify and speed up your audio setup making the audio portion of your workflow much easier to implement and also get good results with this awesome wireless system.


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