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Thank You Nikon!
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Thank You Nikon!

100 Years

Many of you may notice or know I have been a Nikon fan for many years. Why? several reasons. My first SLR was a Minolta which I owned for many years, then Pentax, Fuji, Olympus, Canon and in the last 20+ years Nikon. I enjoyed using each of those previous cameras and have fond memories of my Minolta but I have never looked back and wanted to return to those cameras days. 

Nikon has provided me many many exciting moments over the years, especially when I receive that long awaited lens and have the opportunity to try it out for the first time, those feelings are magical, at least to me. At this point in my life I don't ever see myself in the future without Nikon being my Camera & Lens Company. 

As I watched recently a video by a known video YouTuber titled "Is Nikon Failing, Extraordinary Losses",  various feelings emerged and was in contrast to my lack of though abut the company itself being on a firm path for continued success. I quickly settled back into my seat as I began to recall historical and recent events leading up to the many companies having to face ultimate choices in a growing competitive saturated market. While I fully trust Nikon's ability to thrive going forward, and I have no doubt things will change for the better of the consumer, company and most importantly the employees who have worked at Nikon.  

My top things that create the need to adapt a new strategy.

1. Market Saturation:  Increased availability of digital imaging  cameras from many manufactures. I never thought I would say it - just too many choices. Companies make too many variations of the same thing and release too many new similar cameras with no real updated benefits for the consumer.   Companies should focus on owning a sector of the market and craft that to the best of their ability. This will reduce cost of research or production by eliminating cookie cutter work. Each company chasing the other to produce more of the same. 

1a. Lens Saturation: Same as above, offer two lines of lens in both Full Frame and Crop -  Pro and Non Pro and reduce redundancy.  One zoom range and one prime range that are smartly tailored to photography that offer superior performance. There are the zooms with each being very similar but just slightly different. I like having choices, but having 4 or 5 all in the same range?

2. Declining Incentives: What are the incentive to invest in a company as a brand nowadays? A bright red strap? I want to know that my camera choice comes with commitments from the company. I remember at one time you made a choice for a company because they had a vision that you bought into. Nikon excels in the customer care department and compatibility for the most part.

3. Cost Reductions: Find a way to sell me my next camera and lens 25% cheaper. equipment is just too expensive. Good GOD man affordability is key!!  Look at what Sigma is doing with their new line of lens. They are delivering better quality and in most cases @ 1/2 the cost of other manufactures - how can they do it and major manufactures can not? 

4. Go to the cloud.  I wish I could just plug my camera into the internet, select menu - Cloud update, new firmware - go. That would be great, no more hunting for that newest firmware using an archaic method.

Back to point 1.  Amazon closed the doors of many brick and mortar stores because of convenience: people what simple, fast and easy. In this over saturated camera market the camera has been devalued because 80% of folks are happy that that thing called a smart phone in their pocket plus the proliferation of all the gopros and similar action cameras, even Nikon got into the market so, why would a those consumers spend another 1,000 on your camera? let alone a lens to go with it. So you offer a "kit" big deal.  Those few who consider buying a DSLR nowadays  do so because they see others who use them and their love for photography, but it is unfortunate those who do use DSLRs are slowly dropping from sight and not being replaced by younger because younger people do not see the real benefit of owning a DSLR. 

Anyway this started as a Thank You Nikon and So, THANK YOU NIKON for the many years of Great Cameras, Lenses and Service.


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