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really right stuff 400mm Lens Plate review
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really right stuff 400mm Lens Plate review

LCF-17 for Nikkor 400mm FL

Once I made the pre-order through B & H I went into wait mode, checking the B&H site every few weeks in anticipation of the lens availability, this went on for months. Finally the lens arrived late September.  One of the first things I did post un-boxing was of course just sit an look at it, it was a marvel in engineering but one thing was missing, the Really Right Stuff lens plate replacement.  Having a lens plate from my former 400mm I took the factory installed foot off only to discover that it did indeed fit, but with the new lens hood design the hood struck the foot and could not be reversed for storage.   

After a couple of months Really Right Stuff released a new LCF-17 that claims to fits the new Nikkor 400mm fl lens. After placing my order with Really Right Stuff the foot replacement arrived a few days later. Using the supplied wrench I had the new foot on in less than 5 minutes - perfect fit.


  • Light weight, reduces the overall weight of the stock lens by a few ounces.
  • Comes with a built in Arca Swiss mounting surface with anti slip screws already in place to keep the lens from sliding off if the mount becomes loosened. 
  • Provides access to the screw in mounting holes on bottom of foot.  With a third party add on mount you normally loose that.


  • Seems a bit pricey @ around $125.00 but I assume supply and demand is the reason.

Recommendations:  if you own a arca swiss mount / head do yourself a favor and go buy one of these lens plates.  Having a built in mount reduces the worry of a 3rd party screw on plate loosing in the field + reduces weight.

Regardless of which lens /' camera your using - if you are mounting them using arca swiss plates I recommend you go visit the Really Right Stuff web site and look at the options.

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