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Potomac Sunrise
TrueToad / Saturday, January 14, 2017 / Categories: Landscape Photography

Potomac Sunrise

Wide Shot Early Morning

This is an image I captured early one morning of a Potomac Sunrise, The Potomac is a river on the east coast of the United States,  For my sunrise Photographs I always use a solid tripod with a good level, and a nodal plate. The reason for the nodal plate is to allow me to move the axis of the lens over the rotation point of the tripod to ensure I get the best images for stitching together.  The lens and camera are then mounted on my Really Rights Stuff BH-50 Tripod head and adjusting the Nodal allow for consistent alignment without distortion as multiple images are taken from left to right.  Without a level tripod and Nodal plate you risk poor stitching due to the features appearing in different places in each photo due to poor lens axis alignment to the rotation point, and the more images you take the worse it becomes later to stitch them together.  This is a great opportunity for those who may not have wide angle lens to purchase and carrying a nodal plate with you. Nodal Plates are not all that much room or weight, so it makes it sensible to consider it.  I use AcraTech.

Additional thoughts are when using a DX sensor (crop) factor camera body on an FX lens such as a 35mm which will turn the lens into a 52mm lens equivalent. I hope you get inspired and take a few minutes to go explore the morning light.

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