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On the trail with a Nikkor 45mm PCE
TrueToad / Friday, May 10, 2013 / Categories: PCE Lenses

On the trail with a Nikkor 45mm PCE

Tilt and Shift & Merge

The Nikkor 45mm PCE lens is a fun lens to use for a day shoot. From a view angle point of view it is about perfect for a normal lens.  Not too wide.

One thing to remember when using PC type lens they can test your ability to operate in the manual mode.  They also open opportunities such as shifting the lens to the extremes while taking a photo at each shift.  This will in effect gives you a wider angle of view.  In some of the photos in the gallery below I took two or three frames and shifted the lens between shots, then in CS6 merged them into one giant image.  If your using a Nikon D800 the final image will be a huge mega pixel monster photo, the resolution is enormous,. 

The technique to do this is quite simple. Since the lens allows you to shift about 11mm up or down that is quite a bit when you view it through the view finder.  Your first task is to find an interesting subject to photograph. Once you have an interesting subject, set your lens to the middle position so you can get your exposure correct, remember these lens are almost all manual.  Once you exposure is spot on, shift the lens all the way down and take your first shot, then back to the middle for the second shot and finally shift all the way up and take your final shot.  Of course a tripod is highly recommended. Once you have your shots, off load the photos and use something like photo shop to "photo-merge" the three images.

What you should have in the end is one very large photo.  This technique offers lots of advantages, the main one is of course the field of view just got a lot bigger and allow you to capture a flat wide view.

Future projects for this lens will be to move the shift and tilt to the same axis.  You can send the lens in to Nikon to do the work.  It is a simple procedure, but I hear the inner electronic cables are too short to rotate without replacement.  It takes two weeks for Nikon to do this.  I wished Nikon offered two versions.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did taking them.

I plan on writing a review on the Nikkor 45mm 2.8 and it will be posted here.

One other thing I should mention about this wonderful lens is it does Micro / Macro or as everyone else calls it close up photography.  It is always nice to have a lens that does close focusing and this one does it up to 1:2.  I have two shots below.


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