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Nikon's Refurbished Program Review

Nikon's Refurbished Program Review

Nikon's Refurbished Program Review

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Are Refurbished Products Worth It?

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Many Nikon users may be aware that Nikon offers a program to repair and sell Nikon Refurbished products at discount prices.

I have used both the Nikon Repair Service and have made purchases from Nikon's Refurbished sales site, most recently I purchased a Nikon SB-500 Speedlight. In the past, I used Nikon's Repair center to have my damaged Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 lens repaired back to Nikon Factory Specifications.

Nikon claims all repairs and refurbished products are to the original Nikon Factory Specifications, I can tell you in my experience that it is a totally true statement. My first purchase of a refurbished lens was a Nikon 400mm f/2.8 that saved me several hundred dollars over a new lens and came with a 90-day warranty.

My most recent purchase of a Nikon SB-500 Speedlight was no less a wonderful experience, 90-day warranty, and all accessories and in perfect working condition. The Speedlight was at an additional 10% discount over the already discounted prices for refurbished products, and my outlay was only $149.00 including shipping.

When I dropped my Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 lens and cracked the housing that caused binding I turned to Nikon's Service Center for repairs, It was simple and straightforward. The Nikon Repair site is mostly automated, you select the product that needs fixing, you choose how it was damaged (dropped, water, etc) and Nikon generates an estimate for the repairs. My repair estimate was $600.00, not bad for a $1500.00 lens. Nikon sends email updates on the repair status and then finally an email with the final cost to repair - you can accept or decline. I accepted and my lens was returned to me in a week looking and working like brand new.

In the years I have used the Nikon Repair Services and made purchases from the refurbished program I have yet to have a bad experience, and even if I did Nikon Guarantees their work for 90 days.

Recommendation: If you have damaged Nikon gear and need it repaired Nikon Repair Service is your go-to. If you want to save money on Nikon gear I recommend taking a spin on Nikon's Refurbished Site, Links below.

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Bill Donohue · 11/9/2022 1:25:01 PM

Stay away from refurbished Nikon cameras. I bought a refurbished Coolpix W100 for a trip to the Galapagos. the trip was delayed a couple of months due to Covid. The first time the camera hit the water it flooded. Because of Covid, more than 90 days passed. Nikon's response is to pay to have it shipped back and if they can't fix it (again) I may get a replacement. The camera has already proved t be a waste.

The bottom line, if the refurbishment was any good, Nikon would stand behind their product.

TrueToad · 11/12/2022 6:11:13 PM

Hmmm....Nikon's response was if they can't fix it - you may get a replacement.

The W100 should be waterproof down to about 33 feet and survive a 5-foot drop. If I were you I would pay the shipping and get myself a free replacement. I can't see Nikon not standing behind a replacement for a flooded waterproof camera that they claim is waterproof down to 33 feet.

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