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Nikon Z 50 Review

Nikon Z 50 Review
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Nikon Z 50 Review

Mirrorless for Less

Nikon Z 50 Review - Almost all of the reviews out on Youtube and other websites have favorable things to say about the new Z50. If you are reading this you might just be considering to purchase the Nikon Z50 as your first Mirrorless Camera or possibly moving from a DSLR to a mirrorless camera.

I have been a long-time user of film, DSLR, and now mirrorless cameras, and at one point even developed my own film.  Cameras have for the most part kept up with technology and the demand for smaller more powerful cameras that support today's 'Media' craze.  What Nikon introduced with the Nikon Z50 is a fun, simple to use camera having nothing that will get in your way of enjoying this nifty Z50. 

I had a Nikon Z 50 loaner for 30 days and here is my opinion on this camera.

Who is the Nikon Z50 best suited for - anyone who desires to dive into a mirrorless camera system on a limited budget for the first time or those casual users of the older DSLRs wishing to move to a mirrorless system. Considering this camera has awesome video capabilities and is a small camera that supports the new Z lenses - you will be benefiting from all the upcoming awesomeness from Nikon lenses and that in itself is worth the price of admission.

Why upgrade from an older DSLR to a Z50 Mirrorless? Like SLRs film cameras the newer digital technology was so compelling that most everyone eventually moved to DSLRs. DSLRs are still relevant in today's photography group but the newer mirrorless cameras have features that surpass that of the DSLR, most namely the electronic viewfinder - you spend a heck of a lot less time gimping images on a mirrorless camera because you see in real-time what the photo will be when you press the shutter and when you do wish to preview your images you have an option of using the viewfinder. which is very handy in bright light.

Is the Nikon Z 50 for everyone?  of course not, I myself sent my loaner back because I simply could not justify buying the camera when I already have two Mirrorless cameras, even though the Nikon Z50 matched with the DJI Ronin SC was a very compelling combination to keep the Nikon Z50.

The Nikon Z 50 shares similarities with the bigger brothers Z6 and Z7 in a smaller more compact camera body while retaining good ergonomics, superior handling, and that fantastic Z mount. What is missing is in-body image stabilization but the two kit lenses support VR in the lens so it seems Nikon will be offering DX S lenses with VR as new DX lenses are introduced.  Another missing feature is the rear joystick and some of the buttons are re-positioned such as the trash and playback making access to those two features a one-handed deal.  Since this camera is mostly geared for casual shooters it comes equipped with a built-in pop-up flash very handy for filling in those dark spots.  I for one enjoyed using the Nikon Z50 and reluctantly sent it back when the trial period was over. 

Based on my experience, I can recommend this Nikon Z50 to those wishing to jump into a mirrorless camera or move from an older DSLR.

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