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Nikon FTZ Hack

Nikon FTZ Hack


For 3rd Party Non-Compatible Lenses



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This is not technically speaking an FTZ hack but a somewhat simple non-destructive procedure that may at least get your non-compatible lens to work on a Nikon FTZ adapter.

Summary: You bought a new Nikon Z camera with the optional FTZ adapter and believed all f mount lenses would work, but discovered this is not 100% true.  While many of the Nikon f lenses will work perfectly some older Nikon and 3rd party lenses will either be partially crippled or not work at all. Example the Nikon D lenses lose autofocus capability, some Sigma, and Tamron lenses will not work at all or have intermittent issues.

Who should try this hack: Anyone having a 3rd party lens that is not functioning when mounted on the Nikon FTZ. This hack will not restore autofocus to D lenses as those lenses are screw-driven and the FTZ adapter does not have the drive motor built-in.

Symptom: You attach an f mount Sigma, Tamron, or Tokina lens to your Nikon Z and the camera loses or does not allow control of the lens aperture, or focus, or both.

If your 3rd party lens is behaving poorly on your Nikon Z you can try this - Go into the Camera Menu and select the wrench menu then scroll to find the Non CPU Lens menu and set up the lens as a none CPU lens.  Once you have assigned the lens a number and set it up as a Non-CPU turn off the camera, set the lens to MF and Set lens stabilization to off (if the lens has built-in stabilization).  Turn the camera back on, your lens may still show no response if so go to the menu and select the None CPU lens # and hit OK.  Your lens should/may spring back to life, and if so you can turn on AF and switch the lens stabilization on.  This hack may at least allow you to operate the lens to some degree. Worst case the lens will not allow autofocus but at least you can manually focus and turn on focus peaking - menu d10

The above hack allowed me to operate two of my Tamron lenses aperture and in some cases auto-focus and lens stabilization. I still find the autofocus a little sketchy but at least the lens is not a brick.

I hope this helps!

Don't Forget: Keep your camera's firmware up to date as well as the FTZ's firmware.


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