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Macro Diffusers for better photography - Trick Bits - Review

Macro Diffusers for better photography - Trick Bits - Review


The Best - Trick Bits Diffusers



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Extreme Macro enthusiasts set their benchmark for achieving the softest lighting that captures an image in as near 3d lighting as possible, with no hot spots and no harsh lighting, the lighting must wrap around very tiny subjects at very close distances. The out-of-the-box, while good, is by no means perfect - you need a better solution. Enter Trick Bits!

Fly On Fence
Do you need diffusers? - Trick Bits has diffusers! Big is better, and Trick Bits offers a scale-up to the out-of-box experience, and bigger does not mean heavier!! Trick Bits has custom-fitted diffusers for the most popular macro lighting systems. - I got mine, and I am in Macro Diffuser Heaven!

I have been using my Nikon RC1 system for many years but was always unhappy with the harsh specular lighting it produced on my tiny insects. Over the years, I tried modifying the supplied diffusers and added a small handheld diffuser to further diffuse the light - what a pain.

Through the world of Macro Photography discovery, I found a company that makes custom diffusers - for Nikon systems, Godox, Canon, Meike, Yongnuo - what a godsend. Finally, a company dedicated to diffusion.

Blackberry Flower Bud
I ordered mine on Monday, and it was delivered on Thursday/ It fit perfectly on my Nikon SB-R200 flash heads. The weight was almost non-existent and provided a 3d wrap-around experience. I added foam inside the removable covers to further enhance the diffused experience. You can also use filter floss (the material for Fish Tank Filters) in lieu of the foam, both work equally well and are near weightless.

Trick Bits offers flash diffusers for many popular flash systems, including Nikon, Godox, Canon, Yongnuo, and Meike. Don't hesitate to take a look!

Tip: Add more diffusion by cutting shipping foam to shape and place it inside the diffuser + add a second diffusing material external to the heads.

Recommendation: If you do macro, you need to invest in a Trick Bits diffuser. It will take your photography to the next level - Highly Recommended.


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