Poecilotheria regalis - Indian Ornamental

Poecilotheria regalis - Indian Ornamental

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Indian Ornamental

/ Categories: Tarantulas


Poecilotheria regalis - Indian Ornamental


Date Acquired: April 13, 2022

Last Shed: Adult,  Juvenile - May 22, 2022

Sex: Female

Last Rehouse: 04/13/2022

Personality: Very Fast - Aggressive when provoked or threatened

Care Level: Advanced - Old World

Urticating hairs: No

Care and Details: Aboral

Local: India. The climate of India varies from dry to wet depending on the season. Average annual temperatures range from the mid-'70s to over 100.

Temp/humidity: Temperature between 72°-80°F and humidity at 70% The substrate is CoCO fiber with a weekly misting to maintain humidity.

Enclosure: A setup for an arboreal tarantula. I use a vertical cork bark to climb and as a hide. Therefore the enclosure should be taller than longer. Full Grown Adults should be housed in a 12" x 12" x 15" all-glass enclosure

Substrate: Currently is 75% Coco fiber and 25% Earth with a depth up to the vent lower vent holes, about 6 inches for adults.

Food: A few Crickets every week depending on the appetite. On occasion a mealwork or Cockroach. 

Adult Size: A large spider at about 7 inches fully grown.

Longevity: Females about 20 years, Males about 4

Temperament: A very fast-moving spider. It shows defensive posture when provoked and will bite if messed with

Venom: Medically Significant

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