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Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8 Lens Review
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Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8 Lens Review

Super Sharp Zoom

PROS: Super Sharp across the entire zoom range with a fast 2.8 fixed aperture, Easy to work with and feels well balanced with camera – best used on a FX format. Weather seals- has weather seals at the connecter end. Easy to handle, quick to focus and zoom is very smooth and predictable. This lens is made to be used in places that require shooting available light, like indoors, and the lens performs wonderfully!

CONS: Cost – WoW! almost 2 grand, the lens cost almost as much as the camera. The weight – kind of heavy but the results are worth is, Size- Large diameter lens and no secure way to attach the front lens cover, it just slides on, and mine has fallen off twice. Due to the weight even a short drop to the ground will send this lens to the repair shop, because I have experienced that. The other issue as mentioned is very difficult to introduce filters while out shooting almost impractical to attempt. I now see third party lens hood replacements..

Drop Damage: One short drop bent the aperture end and the lens now binds while zooming, this could have been avoided if the end cover was made of brass or even plastic, but it is magnesium and it is brittle, so trying to straighten out a dent will cause the area to shatter. I disassembled the lens down on the dented end by removing about 10 tiny screws, and saw that it was an easy fix, I was happy, but that was short lived, I just needed to replace the end part, the outer end cover “aperture marker”, easy “right”? wrong, I can not find the part from Nikon and have to send it in for repairs and Nikon's estimate is $600.00. The part I need is maybe $30.00. A painful and expensive lesson to learn, ensure you have the lens firmly gripped while removing from the pouch – stand in a grassy area if possible.

Bottom-line: If you have a bag full of money and was contemplating a wide angle lens short zoom, then this one will fit the bill very nicely, it gives you the best of both 14mm and 24mm prime performance in a single package.
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