Ornithoctonus spec. Khao sok

Ornithoctonus spec. Khao sok

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Thai Black Tarantula

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Ornithoctonus spec. Khao sok - Thai Black Tarantula

Date Acquired: May 03, 2022

Last Shed:

Sex: Female

Last Rehouse: 05/03/2022

Personality: Defensive and Very Fast - Secretive makes burrows in the ground and in nearby plants

Care Level: Advanced - Old World

Urticating hairs: No

Care and Details:

Local: Thailand - Forest areas of Southeast Asia. The climate of Southeast Asia is tropical. Average annual temperatures range from 27°C (81°F) at the coast to 33°C (91°F) . Southeast Asia has a somewhat long rainy season, from June to November; with a cooler dryer season from December - to February.

Temp/humidity: Temperature between 72°-80°F and humidity at 60%-70%. The substrate is CoCO fiber mixed with reptile earth with a weekly spray to maintain humidity.

Enclosure: A setup for a Terrestrial tarantula, but as a spiderling or juvenile a small micro enclosure is adequate. As the spider molts and grows in size an 8X8X8 (21cm) until fully grown then rehouse into a 12 x12x12 (31cm) enclosure.

Substrate: Currently is 50% Coco fiber mixed with reptile earth with a depth up to the vent lower vent holes, about 6 inches. 

Food: A few Crickets every week depending on the appetite. On occasion a mealwork and Cockroach. 

Adult Size: Reaches a little over 5 inches (15.24cm), 6  inches for well-fed females. The growth rate is medium and should start to show good colors and size after the fourth molt.

Longevity: Females about 12 years, Males about 3 years. Males die soon after reaching sexual maturity.

Temperament: This is secretive, but is a very fast-moving spider. It is very defensive also and will bite if provoked. 

Venom: Medically Significant, no reported deaths from bites to humans

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