Monocentropus balfouri - Blue Baboon

Monocentropus balfouri - Blue Baboon

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Socotra Island Blue Baboon

/ Categories: Tarantulas

Monocentropus balfouri  - Socotra Island Blue Baboon

Date Acquired: April 4, 2022

Last Shed: April 22, 2022

Sex: Female

Last Rehouse: 04/20/2022

Personality: Fast - Moderate Defensive if disturbed 

Care Level: Intermediate - Old World

Urticating hairs: No

Care and Details: Terrestial - Likes to burrow into the substrate and create web tunnels; Heavy Webber

Local: Socotra Island off the coast of Yemen. The Climate of Socotra Island is a Tropical, desert climate bordering on a semi-desert climate with a mean annual temperature of over 25 °C (77 °F). Yearly rainfall is light but is fairly spread throughout the year. Ambient Temperatures can reach well over 95 °F (35 °C)

Temp/humidity: Temperature between 72°-80°F and humidity at 70% The substrate is COCO fiber and earth mixed with a weekly misting to maintain humidity. Keep Top layer of substrate mostly dry.

Enclosure: A setup for a Terrestial tarantula. This somewhat large spider does heavy webbing with web tunnels and some burrows,  Place branches, and other anchor points to assist in the web creation. The enclosure should be a 12x 12 x 12 for a fully grown adult. All-glass enclosure, an 8x8x8 is also suitable.

Substrate: Currently is 70% Coco fiber and 50% Earth with a depth up to the lower vent holes, about 6 inches. 

Food: A mixed diet of Crickets and roaches every week depending on the appetite. On occasion a mealworm.

Adult Size: A large spider at about 7 inches fully grown.

Longevity: Females about 13 years, Males about 4, a somewhat slow growth rate. Maintaining the Tratnula at a higher temp helps appetite and growth.

Temperament: A fast-moving spider. It shows defensive posture when provoked and will bite if messed with. 

Venom: Medically Significant

Note: This is one of a few species of Tarantulas that can be kept in a community setup.

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