Keeping Tarantula's Happy

Keeping Tarantula's Happy

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Number One - Know the Species Name of your Tarantula Knowing exactly what Tarantula you have makes it so much easier. When doing your research with the "Species Name" of the Tarantula ensures finding other Tarantula keepers who have and can demonstrate success in keeping that species.  Look for keepers who have kept or currently have the species for many years and the species is doing well and thriving under their care.

Location Location Location: Know where your Tarantula comes from - research the average temperature, average rainfall, is the location Arid, Wet, humid, etc. Keep in mind that an aboral vs terrestrial Tarantula will experience the environment differently. Terrestrial Tarantulas that burrow will find a more stable humidity and temperature than an Aboral species who lives up in the bushes.

A General Purpose Care Sheet: A general-purpose care sheet helps with getting started and building your own experience with Tarantulas husbandry but don't rely on one care sheet solely. People who keep Tarantulas live all across the world, some live in very hot and humid areas while other keepers live in the desert. Keep in mind when someone states I "mist" my enclosures twice a week and he lives in the Arid Desert vs a keeper who lives in Mississippi where hot and humid weather means misting is not required, but only a water dish, and both successfully keep the same species, If possible try to find keepers in your State or region and find out what has been working for them.

Don't Stress Your Tarantulas: Unnecessary rehousing, Taking the Tarantula out for a photoshoot, or keeping your Tarantulas in a high traffic area leads to a stressful Tarantula. Try to maintain a constant. A food schedule, health and well-being check,  A light tap on the door before feeding time, and a reasonable temperature range.

Tools: Long Tongs 13-15", several sizes of square capture cups., small-medium, and large, I like a square because most of my enclosures are based on squares.

Have a Bite Plan: Have a plan if you are bitten by one of your Tarantulas, yes it does happen, and keep your better half knowledgeable on which Tarantulas have significant venom. Know how to get help and where the local medical facilities are in case you need to get help.

Don't OverDo It: Keeping Tarantulas is a fun and rewarding hobby for adults, but some go overboard with a never-ending collection which normally leads to care and husbandry issues. Having a collection of the tiniest of slings to Adult sized Tarantulas means you need a wide selection of food items. and more time spent caring for the slings. Having a smaller collection of larger Juvies or adults won't overtax you and you will enjoy the hobby more.


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