Grammastola pulchra - Brazilian Black

Grammastola pulchra - Brazilian Black

Grammastola pulchra - Brazilian Black

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Brazilian Black

/ Categories: Tarantulas

Grammastola pulchra - Brazilian Black

Date Acquired: April 13, 2022

Last Shed:

Sex: Female

Last Rehouse: 04/13/2022

Personality: Docile and Deliberate when unprovoked

Care Level: Beginner - New World, Slow Grower

Urticating hairs: Yes

Care and Details: Terrestial - Likes to burrow into the substrate

Local: South America, Brazil & Uruguay.  The annual average temperature ranges between 24°C (mid 70's) and 27°C (mid 80's)

Temp/humidity: Temperature between 72°-80°F and humidity at 70% The substrate is CoCO fiber mixed with earth,  a weekly misting to maintain humidity.

Enclosure: A setup for a Terrestial tarantula. This large spider burrows with some webbing,  I use a commercial hide. The enclosure should be 8x 8 x 12 or a 12 x 12 for a fully grown adult. All-glass enclosure

Substrate: Currently is 50% Coco fiber and 50% Earth with a depth up to the lower vent holes, about 6 inches. 

Food: A few Crickets every week depending on the appetite. On occasion a mealwork or Cockroach. 

Adult Size: A large spider at about 6+ inches fully grown.

Longevity: Females about 20+ years, Males about 6

Temperament: A mostly docile spider when approached with kindness. It shows defensive posture when provoked by flicking hairs. Will venture out of hiding mostly late afternoon and night.

Venom: Not Medically Significant

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