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My Solar Imaging for Sept 19 2015
TrueToad 7787

My Solar Imaging for Sept 19 2015

Lunt Badder & Calcium K

Feeling lucky, I dragged out my 150lbs of equipment and established a solar viewing area at the corner of my yard. My two cats came out to join in the fun but did not participate in the setup.   

I was generally hesitant to due to what I saw in the sky but I also understand that as the sun comes over head it's power will sometimes dissipate clouds. Thus by the time I was setup and ready for shooting it was already 10:30.  I was also excited to try my new filter holder for the Badder Calcium K-line but was soon disappointed again when the flange of the outer adapter would not fit inside the wedge about 1mm too large; oh well, the hunt continues. I just reverted to my workaround using a foam insert.

The images are not all that spectacular, one solar flare using the Lunt LS80THa double stacked and a couple of sun spots visible using the Baader Continuum and Calcium K-Line.

I am still not 100% sold on the K-Line but I hold my final determination until I have the filter mounting issue solved.

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Mount MfgLosmandy G11 Gemini I GoTo
CameraZWO ASI774 Mono
Guided ImageNo See Details
  • 127MM APO Triplet
  • Lunt LS80THa
Filters Used
  • Baader Continuum
  • Baader Calcium K-Line
  • Badder Solar Herschel Wedge
  • Baader ND Filters
  • Lunt Solar DSII Double Stack Module

I set up the imaging session and as normal start from the mount in home postion and use the go-to feature to slew to the sun which gets me close to center, then using the hand controller I tweak it then set the Auto Guider to work. Normally I use my Hutech Hinode Solar Guider but forgot to plug it in the guider port.  It was amazing the mount tracked as well as it did, by default it prompts to guide, which I selected yes. I realized my error near the end of the session when I saw the Hinode guider cable dangling. Oh Well!! The G11 still did a fantastic job even with no alignment.


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