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Lunt vs Badder Wedge Best Image Quality
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Lunt vs Badder Wedge Best Image Quality

War of the Wedges

Lunt vs Badder Solar Wedge Best Image Quality: I have had nothing but bad luck with the weather and my time management.  As an update to this article, I now have the adapters necessary to connect the cameras directly to the Badder, If you recall I needed an adapter to allow proper back-focus with my 127mm refractor, and as soon as the adapters arrived - the weather has been spotty, and my time to do the testing is limited. 

Side by Side: Image quality is only marginally different between the Lunt Solar and Baader Solar Wedge.  Both provided very good results at the end of the day. My expectation was that the Baader would be the clear winner, but as I looked at each image I captured I was hard-pressed to tell much difference.  I could only tell very slight contrast improvement using the Baader, otherwise optically they are about the same.

Preference: I prefer the Baader wedge as it is easier to use and adapt cameras to, with the ability to adapt the camera direct to the wedge itself but with the Lunt, you need to mount a camera nose piece and slide it into the diagonal. Boils down to convenience, and Baader gives just about 1/2 inch additional back-focus.

Cameras:I used both a Celestron Skyris and the ZWO ASI1174M camera for both the Lunt and Baader wedges, using the ZWO camera was a pleasure. The ASI174 simply makes the job of Solar imaging more enjoyable, I never found myself frustrated with trying to operate the camera either while in HA or White Light configurations.  The Celestron Skyris was adequate but the ZWO ASI174 was head and shoulders above the Skyris for both image quality and features.

Capturing Platform: I have a tablet running the software for all my cameras, The tablet supports USB 3, and if you are in the market for a new tablet or laptop for imaging, ensure you get the best, fastest USB support. USB speeds are key to fast downloading and FPS depending on the sensor size.  Also recommended is a small "Laptop Tent". I can barely read my screen if I don't have an area that provides shade.

This review was prompted by questions asking which wedge to get.  As you know the Baader is more of a modular setup and more expensive. Baader offers two versions; Visual and Photographic.  Be sure to select the one you intend to use most often. If you are into imaging get the Baader's photographic model, it allows you to remove the ND filters, and apply other filters as needed, but remember - failing to re-assemble the wedge correctly can lead to eye damage if you look through it and forgot to put the ND3 filter. in-place.  The Lunt is assembled and not designed to be re-configured by the user. With Lunt, you get what you get, but you still can add filters to your camera or screw onto the eyepiece adapter.  You will achieve what you need to but Baader makes it easier.

Looking at the sun safely and imaging it is a real pleasure -enjoy the hobby.

The image below was taken with the Badder Wedge but I was not able to secure the camera firmly onto the wedge. I was only able to insert the camera but could not tighten it down, because at the time this was taken I did not have the proper adapter. This was taken with a 127mm APO and the Skyris 274m Camera using the Badder Herschel Wedge 
Migatory Bird
The Below image was taken using the Lunt Solar Wedge on the same 127mm APO with the Skyris 274m Camera
Beautiful Bird
The Below image was taken using an adapter to mount the ZWO ASI 174MM to the Badder Herschel Wedge
Morning Pier



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CameraZWO ASI174 & Skyris
Guided ImageYes
  • 127MM APO Triplet
  • 80mm APO Triplet
Filters Used
  • Badder Solar Herschel Wedge
  • Lunt Solar Wedge


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