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Seagate IronWolf Pro NAS Hard Drive

Seagate IronWolf Pro NAS Hard Drive
TrueToad 451

Seagate IronWolf Pro NAS Hard Drive

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Excellent Support

Most Hard Drive reviews cover how fast the hard drive is and it's ability to sustain read and write speeds, and most of us are swayed to go for the cheapest one that offers acceptable performance.  I too was like that until I built out my Synology NAS for photography storage needs.

I did a lot of research on the best drives to install that supports both dependability and performance for my 12 bay Synology NAS. If you don't already know Synology is a Top Shelf NAS and in my honest opinion nothing in the price range comes close, plus Synology offers "compatibility" listing for drives to match your Synology Diskstation, everything from Enterprise drive to home users.

I decided to go with the PRO level Seagate Hard Drives called IronWolf PRO NAS 10TB.  Why, first I wanted to keep the heat and vibration down by having larger drive size vs having many smaller drives - Adding 5 10TB drives vs 12 4 TB drives reduce power consumption and heat build up. Secondly I wanted the best warranty coverage for these drives, with the PRO drive you get a 5 year warranty, and since my NAS is up 24 x 7 I think the added cost for pro drives are worth it. The regular 10TB NAS drives have a 3 year warranty while the PRO drives are 5 years + 2 years free data recovery if needed.

So why am I writing this article?  After about 4 years, one of my 5 10TB drives began to have bad sectors, a few at first but after 6 months it was up to 45 which indicates the drive is taking a dive for the worse.  My NAS is set up with a two drive fault tolerant. So, I contacted Seagate for a RMA return and the process was very simple:

  • Register for a Seagate account
  • Log on and start a RMA request, Seagate calls it an Order
  • Add the bad Hard Drive Serial Numbers
  • Submit your request
  • Get your shipping and RMA confirmation via email
  • Box up your bad drive, include the confirmation and ship to Seagate (you pay shipping to, Seagate pays shipping back)

Seagate never inquired why or what only that the drive be within the 5 year warranty period. Seagate has an online tool you enter the serial number and will tell you if your drive is still under warranty and how longer the drive will be covered.  I am guessing the seller registers the serials when purchased because I never did but Seagate knew the drive was still under warranty.

Bottom Line:  If you are in the market to populate your NAS or PC with high quality hard drives that are backed by a top shelf company - take a hard look at Seagate Drives.

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