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Nissin Air
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Nissin Air

Digital Wireless

Are you frustrated with your growing number of flashes and triggers and their incompatibility between your DSLR / Mirrorless camera bodies? If so, you may want to check out Nissin dedicated flash offerings and their AIR commanders.

I recently picked up a Fujifilm XT-2 but did not have a dedicated flash for the Fujifilm. I was pleasantly surprised to learn Nissin offers a neat alternate solution with their i60a flash and Air Commander for Fujifilm. Yes, Fujifilm has a dedicated flash $$ – but it meant buying their flash & a wireless commander and remote – with the Nissin solution I have both at a lower cost than a Fujifilm flash + the Nissin flash is compatible with other camera bodies – like my Nikon – read on.

Long story short – I picked up an i60A and Air Commander; The i60A has a built-in optical and 2.4ghz receiver allowing you to pair the i60A to the commander and take full advantage of off-camera flash – even High-Speed Sync.

Do you what to hear the even better news? That i60A Fuji mount flash can be used off camera with a Nikon as long as you have an Air commander on your Nikon camera body – what a great way to add the Nissin i60a to your Nikon flashes and maximize multiple flash output. 

-          The one limitation incorrectly stated on another review website is NO you cannot use another camera brand Flash on an Air receiver with a different camera body brand: Example – Nikon flash with Fujifilm Camera body that combo will not work, or at least with current model Nikon Flashes.

You can buy different Nissin flashes such as one Fujifilm i60A and one for a Nikon i70 and they will both work happily together using the Air Commander wirelessly on a specific camera body (Canon, Sony or Nikon) because the Nissin flash speak air talk – the limitation is the mount which is specific to a camera hot shoe, so you cannot mount that i60A for Fujifilm on a Nikon hot shoe, but work fine as wireless off-camera flash.

It is too bad the major camera manufacturers have not reached common ground on an open standard for wireless flash control.  At least Nissin has stepped ahead, and out of the box with their approach to a standard wireless flash, you pick the mount you need for your camera body – but the flash works with any camera using the appropriate Nissin Air Commander.

Hopefully one day in the very near future there will be an end to “dedicated hot shoes” for specific camera bodies – and future flash will support an open standard wirelessly across any camera system adopting the standard.

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