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Nikon Z9 Camera Review The Morning After

Nikon Z9 Camera Review The Morning After


No Regrets



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This is the Nikon Camera that has silenced all the Youtubers who had been bashing Nikon for the last three years, more on that topic is found here. I will spare you my comments in this article but in summary: Some useless Youtube channels attempt to raise their revenue through un-educated rants.

With that out of the way let's talk Nikon Z9 The Morning After. I have had my Nikon Z9 since early January 2022 and unlike many of my pre-orders the wait was reasonably short but I did pre-order within 30 minutes of it becoming available. Not normally a big fan of the pre-order process (more info here) I knew the Z9 was for me - I had been waiting for this Nikon Camera from the very day Nikon started offering Mirrorless Cameras the Z7.

Trio - Nikon Z9 (Top), Z7II left @ Z6II right

Trio - Nikon Z9 (Top), Z7II left @ Z6II right

Three of my 5 Nikon Cameras shown, Nikon Zfc used to take photo
Why do I call this Article Nikon Z9 The Morning After? Like many "morning afters," we may have regrets. The Nikon Z9 is the exception and has exceeded my expectations on all fronts.

Why is the Nikon Z9 Mirrorless Camera for me? I am primarily a Wildlife, Bird, and Sports photographer who demands the fastest, best-in-class camera that can withstand the rigors of use plus have excellent ergonomics, an easy-to-use interface, and most importantly Optical Support (lenses) that push the boundary of photography. In short a camera that makes even a mediocre photographer like me look better. 

What pushed my buttons most:

  • It is a Nikon built for a Marathon of use and abuse
  • Exceptional Optical Support for Pro Level Lenses like the New Nikkor 400 Z and many others, and even more on the way.
  • Big enough and heavy enough to put behind my 800mm and be able to balance the setup on a Gimbal.
  • Fast enough to capture the action @ 45mp full resolution with incredible customizations to further exploit the speed if needed.
  • Highly customizable settings and buttons with even more when using S lenses.
  • Offers versatile photography to accomplish any shooting assignment such as weddings, events, and photojournalism.
  • Fully supports legacy lenses in focusing speeds matching and sometimes exceeding that of the Legendary Nikon D850 - even with Teleconverters.

Additional Features that Solidified my Decision:

  • WiFi, Ethernet Tethering, Blue Tooth, and Snap Bridge support
  • Improved and more simplified menus
  • Mode changes through the Mode Dial
  • 3d Tracking is back
  • 64 base ISO
  • Exceptional Video Support up to 8K
  • Price

It is difficult to explain in words without sounding like a salesperson - The Nikon Z9 is without comparison and in the field is an exceptional performing camera with the fastest tracking, most accurate focusing I have ever experienced.  

I don't compare camera brands or knock someone's choice of camera or lenses it is the enjoyment of photography that is most important to me. Yes, I too have had some equipment that left me frustrated and having to "hope" I get the shot. With the Nikon Z9, I don't worry how my system will perform - I worry about myself screwing up the shot.

Nikon Z9 and Z7 II size compared

Nikon Z9 and Z7 II size compared

The Nikon Z9 is heavier, Thicker and taller
What Surprised me about the Z9:

  • It is a Big Mirrorless Camera and even weights more than the D6 DSLR
  • Requires the best CFExpress cards you can buy to unlock top performance which is a little pricey.

I did not go into the specifications because there are SO many reports out on the Nikon Z9 now. So, I leave you with I am very very pleased with the Z9 and its performance. It is everything the Z7, Z7II are only on steroids.

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