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Nikon Z Teleconverter TC-1.4x Review

Nikon Z Teleconverter TC-1.4x Review

Nikon Z Teleconverter TC-1.4x Review

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Extend Your Reach

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The Nikon Z Teleconverter 1.4x is optimized for the compact mirrorless Z system, the Z TC-1.4x increases the reach of compatible lenses by 40% while maintaining 100% resolution, AF, and VR functionality, minimum focusing distances, and superior weather-sealing.

I am no stranger to the frustrations of getting close to wildlife without disturbing the scene and having your subject flee because it felt threatened by your presence. I also now have experience and knowledge on how I can extend my reach, maintain acceptable distance, and use tools that bring the wildlife close to you and fill your frame.

I almost always carry my Nikon Z Teleconverter 1.4x with me with my Nikon 70-200 S VR why?  Because of the excellent results, the Nikon Z Teleconverter 1.4x provides the added working distance to the subject if offers.

It took me several years to convince myself to purchase a teleconverter but once I did and started to use them I will not leave home without one because of how versatile a Nikon Z Teleconverter can be. One argument I hear is you can shoot in DX mode and get a 1.5x equivalent. While this is true why not use Crop mode and a Nikon Z Teleconverter? To make that 300mm into a 630mm lens?

A big disappointment concerning The Nikon Z Teleconverter 1.4x is NOT compatible with the 105mm f/2.8 S MC Macro lens! The older legacy 105 is compatible with the legacy 1.4 F mount teleconverter. 


  • Lightweight
  • Weather sealed
  • Adds 40% more reach
  • Uses all focus point down to f/11
  • Reduces depth of field by 30% for excellent backgrounds
  • Uses fluorine coatings effectively repels dust, water droplets, grease, and dirt


  • Other than cost
  • Does not work with legacy F mount lens 
  • Does not work with Nikon's own 105mm MC VR S Macro lens - a slap in the face from Nikon

One question Nikon users ask "does it work with F mount lenses"?  The short answer is no. The FTZ adapter will not physically couple with the Z teleconverter, so you will need to hang onto your older F mount Teleconverter for a while longer.

What I can say is the New Z 1.4x Teleconverter is an excellent accessory for the 70-200mm S Lens. When the Teleconverter was attached to my 70-200 it was like one lens with little to no degraded performance. I can highly recommend this Z Teleconverter especially if you are planning on picking up the new S Super Telephotos when they become available.

- All images in the gallery are downsampled for faster loading and were taken hand-held.

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