Nikon Z fc Camera Review

Nikon Z fc Camera Review

Nikon Z fc Camera Review

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To be truthful I started my 35mm photography experience with a used Minolta SRT 101 and followed the Minolta photography route until the Minolta XD-11.  I left Minolta due to backward compatibility when Minolta moved forward with their newer camera models so, I decided to switch to Nikon. My main reason for going Nikon was their ruggedness, dependability, lens selection, and advancements in technology.  I traded my Minota gear in for a Nikon FM 2 - and I have been with Nikon ever since. 

The Nikon Z fc Camera will not be for everyone but it will appeal to many Nikon shooters, especially those who remember the days of film cameras. When the Nikon DF was released I passed on that camera because it lacked many features I needed in a camera above just taking photos and was short on mega pixels.  It appears Nikon took notes from the DF and brought forward many technical advances for the Nikon Z fc Camera and that sold me on making my purchase. I wanted a camera that looks sharp and also under the hood has the video and touch screen and is compatible with my growing Z mount lens collection. Not to mention the Nikon Z fc Camera is light, weather-sealed, and is perfect for a trip into town for some street photography.

Build Quality: Excellent - metal frame with firm tactile buttons, switches, and knobs


  • Video: Full gamut, 4K Ultra HD video at 30p, 25p, or 24p full pixel readout with no cropping. Combined with NIKKOR Z lenses
  • Articulating Screen: The Z fc’s Vari-angle display can face forward for easier vlogging and first-person recording
  • Live Streaming: connect the camera to your PC and use the free Nikon Software to start a live stream
  • Supports External Microphones
  • Edge to Edge focus points for fast accurate focusing
  • Support SnapBridge (free) to upload photos You can transfer videos and stills automatically or manually to your smartphone
  • Tactile ISO, Shutter speed, and compensation dials or use the thumbwheels
  • Base ISO is 100
  • WiFi and BlueTooth support


  • Need more compact prime lenses f/2.8 or faster
  • No In Body Image Stabilization

My biggest complaint is the lack of in-body image stabilization - I would be willing to pay a few extra dollars for that especially for doing video. look at my shaky video just like the 1990s - sure I know Fujifilm X pro 3 and their XT-30 lacks In Body image stabilization. Just because one company does not offer it should not mean the Newest Nikon camera for 2021 would forgo that important feature. 

Other than that one IBIS complaint, I feel the Nikon Z fc will be a real winner, and success for Nikon and to help grow a larger Nikon fan base.


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Ophir Amitai · 7/12/2021 3:59:12 AM

Seems like a great camera. I am sure it will be better then my Fuji xt3 which fits in the same niche. But is a big disappointment for me. However w/o a decent lens selection it's practically useless. I'll wait for some lenses to come out before I even consider this camera.

TrueToad · 7/12/2021 8:17:57 AM

Thanks for the Comment Ophir,

Nikon has 4 DX lenses and 18 FX lenses and more coming which all will work with the Z fc. I think what you are saying is you are looking for a more compact lens lineup that entails the retro look.

Me personally I do not hesitate to use my FX lenses on my DX cameras. When I had a Nikon 1 V3 I would use my Nikon 600mm f4 just for fun giving me a 1380mm lens.

The biggest thing to me is just having fun with your gear

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