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Nikon Z fc Camera Review

Nikon Z fc Camera Review


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The Nikon Z fc is an excellent quality DX camera sporting top photography features such as tilting and flipping screen, and 4Kd video with excellent weather and dust sealing throughout. Nikon Z fc users can take advantage of Nikon's growing line of Z mount lenses for exceptional image quality.

I started my 35mm photography experience with a used Minolta SRT 101 and followed the Minolta photography route until the Minolta XD-11. I left Minolta due to backward compatibility issues when Minolta moved forward with their newer camera models so, I decided to switch to Nikon.

My main reason for going with Nikon was their ruggedness, dependability, lens selection, and advancements in technology. I traded my Minota gear in for a Nikon FM 2 - and I have been with Nikon ever since.

The Nikon Z fc Camera will not be for everyone but it will appeal to many Nikon shooters, especially those who remember the days of film cameras or wish to have a retro-looking camera. When the Nikon DF was released I passed on that camera because it lacked many features and was short on megapixels.

With the Nikon Z fc It appears Nikon took notes from the DF and brought forward many technical advances for the Nikon Z fc Camera and that sold me on making my purchase. I wanted a camera that looks retro and also under the hood has the video and touch screen and is compatible with my growing Z mount lens collection. Not to mention the Nikon Z fc Camera is light, weather-sealed, and perfect for a trip into town for some street photography.

Build Quality: Excellent - metal frame with firm tactile buttons, switches, and knobs, the outer shell is mostly plastic but has a solid feel.


  • Video: Full gamut, 4K Ultra HD video at 30p, 25p, or 24p full pixel readout with no cropping. Combined with NIKKOR Z lenses
  • Articulating Screen: The Z fc’s Vari-angle display can face forward for easier vlogging and first-person recording
  • Live Streaming: connect the camera to your PC and use the free Nikon Software to start a live stream
  • Supports External Microphones
  • Edge Edge focus points for fast accurate focusing
  • Support SnapBridge (free) to upload photos You can transfer videos and stills automatically or manually to your smartphone
  • Tactile ISO, Shutter speed, and compensation dials or use the thumbwheels
  • Base ISO is 100
  • WiFi and BlueTooth support


  • Need more compact DX prime lenses f/2.8 or faster
  • No In Body Image Stabilization

My biggest complaint is the lack of in-body image stabilization - I would be willing to pay a few extra dollars for Image Stabilization.

Other than that one IBIS complaint, The Nikon Z fc is a real winner and a success for Nikon. The popularity of the Nikon Z fc helped grows a larger Nikon fan base which is a good thing.

The Nikon Z fc has fans around the world with many how-to videos, if you like the tactile look and feel the Nikon Z fc is a must-have for your Nikon collection.

Get your Nikon Z fc with Special Edition 28mm here! Using my Amazon Associate Link.

A personal note to Nikon: I pre-ordered this camera and lens combo four months ago. I just recently received it, and it is now available on Amazon. Why have a Pre-Order system Nikon if you can not meet the pre-order shipping dates to your LOYAL customers? - Rant Over.



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Ophir Amitai

Seems like a great camera. I am sure it will be better then my Fuji xt3 which fits in the same niche. But is a big disappointment for me. However w/o a decent lens selection it's practically useless. I'll wait for some lenses to come out before I even consider this camera.


Thanks for the Comment Ophir,

Nikon has DX FX lenses coming which all will work with the Z fc. I think what you are saying is you are looking for a more compact lens lineup that entails the retro look.

Me personally I do not hesitate to use my FX lenses on my DX cameras. When I had a Nikon 1 V3 I would use my Nikon 600mm f4 just for fun giving me a 1380mm lens.

The biggest thing to me is just having fun with your gear


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